Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wish you guys!

The Rat have all the qualities I need to make it. Which one of you, my dear readers were born in the year of The Rat? Nak mengaku boleh, tak nak mengaku pun takpe. Ha-ha! Don't say you lahir tahun 1900 sudah.

The production on Gonna Be Alright “sedang berehat” due to Chinese New Year celebration. Will start back working on it next week, from Tuesday onwards. I have to be patient, something that I have yet to learn… probably because all my life I have been conditioned to engage in many different things at any one time. I am also feeling a bit hmm…. How should I put it, not confident isn’t the word, a bit ‘shy’ of my work. Probably because I never really had people listen to it yet… but yeah, it should come out beautifully just as what I intended it to be in my mind. Wish me luck!


juli ah said...

im a boar. haha

wahine said...

Kita naga la....can u see fire bursting from my nostrils?

Gonna be Alright...ala dengar piano intro pun dah tertarik. For me I love acoustic guitar intro and piano...and I hate the techno stuff. There's something pure about those two instruments when played touched the soul.

So now...I wanna hear your 'sickly' voice. ha ha ha..Dah baik demam/selsema?

You shy type ke?

Nessa said...

Just believe in what you do. Stop doubting yourself :D