Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quick update!

Hello! I’m about to go out of the door but just quickly,

Went to the recording of One In A Million Season 2 Top 4 show last night. Each of my OIAM buds sang really well, I am so so proud of them. I was quite shocked (quite la) with the result last night. I mean I didn’t expect this particular singer to get eliminated last night after counting in all the factors contributing to his/ her staying power in the competition. If you guys want to find out who, be sure to tune in this Friday, 8TV at 9.30PM.

On that note, Edris, Monkey Bone’s label manager told me that he like my songs that I gave him on a CD before CNY. He thought my strong point is ballads. Well, I was happy when I heard what he told me but wait till he hear my dance track for the clubs! Ok guys I have to go now. Another big post coming tomorrow!

Cheers and be safe.

oh! got a text message not too long ago b4 CNY from Renee (talent coordinator) asking me to keep 22nd to 29th FEB free for OIAM. Yaye! I'm gonna have to check back into Residence Hotel in Jalan Semantan. Top 12 reunion! Wooohooo!


sweet17 said...

how are to day?

imborntosingsongs said...

Hi! I am very good thank you. I'm going to the studio for a recording session around 9.30P tonight, what about you?