Saturday, February 16, 2008

Progress Update: Recording Session at TwoAM Studios, Bangsar.

I went for a recording session of my song, “Gonna Be Alright” yesterday at TwoAM, in Bangsar. How do I put it? Hmm… it was a very organic environment for me. I thought, I was very well prepared… hehehe. Had the lyrics printed out with each of the sentence numbered so that it is easier for Kieran (The sound engineer) & I during the recording session. Kieran thought I was well prepared too (I knew I was LOL). FYI, Kieran Kuek (Full name) is the guy who is looking after me, recording my vocals & he will also be mixing my track when we got everything laid out.
Kieran is very experienced in songwriting/arranging & is responsible for countless number of jingles (Check out He produced Ferhad’s latest single “Kukoo”, produced tracks for Jaclyn Victor & is also writing songs for Suki, winner of last year’s OIAM. I have expressed my interest to collaborate with him & his business partner, Anton (Another Kiwi like Paul Moss, Siti Sarah’s fiancée… LOL… Oh Yaye! My sister, Fazan, have got her flight back to Auckland delayed so that she could catch me perform at OIAM’s Grand Finale on Friday, 29th of Feb. I read on that it will be a delayed telecast… can’t wait! So the show will be LIVE… well sort of). This brings me to the next point…

You guys are very welcome to attend the OIAM Grand Finale performance on Friday, 29th of Feb. All the Top 12 will be performing that night including… of course… yours truly… hehehe. Check out my Facebook Invite or email for more info. (Honestly I don’t know what song I will be performing. Personally I want to perform Vanishing or my own song? Only if they let me :-p)
What was I talking about just now? Oh yeah, the session I had at TwoAM.
Yeah… there were compatibility issues regarding software platforms as well in the first place because Adam (My music arranger/ collaborator in Sydney who also owns a studio called ADM Studios) uses Logic 8, whereas TwoAM is using Logic 7, but all were solved within a day, thank god for that. Both Adam & I were also very particular about recording the song in 24 bit (Industry standard) not 16... just technical stuff we wanted to be sure of. Yeah you guys can say I am anal about sound quality… LOL… since I studied media as well. Che’nelle did tell me when I was still in OIAM (All of the Top 9 then were lucky enough to have dinner with her) that she uses both Logic and Pro Tools. I am so used to Pro Tools while I was still in uni but I still need to learn Logic. I had the whole of my project mapped out on Garageband (A simple but really useful music software available on every Apple computer), which includes me arranging my own vocal work. I just want to see roughly how would my track sound like, its potential and what other things I can do with it in terms of music & vocal arrangement. I had fun at the studio yesterday layering up my vocals and doing all the fun harmonies. Still, there’s a lot to be done.

Just want you guys to know that I was inspired to write "Gonna Be Alright" a day after I got eliminated from OIAM. Its about my journey in life so far, my family & friends. I guess it's a way for me to console myself. To let the 'inner' me know, that things are going to be fine in the end... no matter what happens. I hope when you guys listen to it soon, you'll be inspired by it too.

My next session at TwoAM will be next Monday, on the 18th at 7PM & hopefully the track will be done by then. I can’t wait to get back into working on it, before everything loses its momentum. Well… I hope that it’s all “Gonna Be Alright”.

P/s: I would like to thank my dear friend, Emily for showing me the ropes on how PR could really work (Press kits, media luncheon, article evaluation, online presence… bla bla), Intan Dato’ Khalid (My graphic designer/motion graphic artist), Arene (Who I turn to/ discuss with for wardrobe style ideas), Rubia Braun (Who is now currently in Far North Queensland & is writing songs for me to sing for her upcoming short film which will be released in India this year called “The Successor”), Pian, Khalil Ariff (For filming me during my recording sessions for 'The Making' CD) and last but not least my sister of course! (Who manages me for the last 2 months B4 she leaves for New Zealand early March… Find me a new manager dammit! Sesiapa nak jadi my manager for free? or for a karipap? LOL).

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