Monday, February 18, 2008

One Song Down @ TwoAM

I’ve just finished my second session for ‘Gonna Be Alright’. Just finished recording and laying down all the required vocal parts. I did a lot of harmonies, complicated ones... which took huge amount of time since I am only one person NOT a vocal group… now I know how it feels like to be Enya... LOL... I love it. I think Kieran went dizzy with the huge amount of ‘backing vocals’ I did as can be seen on the computer screen. Logic 8 loves me anyway... LOL. I am now sitting in the very homely kitchen of TwoAM Studios in Bangsar while writing this. My sister, Fazan is on her way to pick me up. Thank god for the wireless Internet they have here because as you guys know, I am a complete netizen… hehe. Can’t survive a day without the Internet.

Discussed with Kieran about mastering. I have a deadline and I won’t have the time to get my track mastered in Sydney. I have a friend who currently works with John Vestman in LA who has been telling me about Separation Mastering… well I don’t think I will explain it here… it’s too complicated… I am so bogged down with more and more information than I could handle these days. I am not complaining… it’s great! So I decided to go to Nick Lee at Sonique Productions in KL (I just got his number so going to contact him esok). I was told that he could give me a “big and fat” sound. Can’t wait. I’ll probably give him a call first thing tomorrow. I am expecting the first draft of the mix, hopefully within this week. Meanwhile, I will post another song I am thinking of recording soon. As usual, I can only let you guys listen to the riff. Hehehe. Ciao!

p/s: To MarinaM, many thanks for the information on the law of contract. I am going to do more homework on it. Read, read, read. That's what I have to do.

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