Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gonna Be Alright Club Mix coming up!/ FLY FM interview with Basil.

UPDATE: Just received a call from Basil of FlyFM. I am doing an interview with FlyFM tomorrow which will air on the 6th of April.

Everybody kept asking me, who did all the backing vocals in ‘Gonna Be Alright’. I had to explain to those who asked that I did it all myself, by heart . I love to write harmonies since I was a little boy. It’s one of my many passions, beside fashion. Hehe. Fashion is my passion (Don't steal my quote, if you do use it, please credit me and send people to my blog LOL)
Anyway, I had a blast recording the 2nd song from my upcoming Single EP… and this one is for the club’s y’all! Why am I sounding hip-hoppish you may asked? Hehe… Last night I got C. LOCO from Poetic Ammo to do the rap parts on the remix version of ‘Gonna Be Alright’. It’s gonna be interesting as it doesn’t sound like the original at all, it’s a whole new different interpretation of the song (I’m keeping it motivational still!) but when you guys listen to it, there’s a connection, something that’ll remind you of the original track. Last night was a long long night. I started around 9.30PM & finished at 3AM! Oh! I am rapping on it as well… well… not exactly rapping, more like rapping & singing at the same time… this is my 1st time doing something like this… anyway, enjoy the pictures below taken last night at The Ark Studios where we did our recording… also photos from some of the events I went to in KL.
This guy right here is Jean Louis Sibert. He is the arranger for 'Gonna Be Alright Club Mix'. C. Loco in the recording booth rapping away. The video of the making will be uploaded soon!Emily Ismail & my cousin, Moe Nasrul from eMMoe Communications. Emily is one of my 'many ha-ha!' media reps. She occasionally writes in my blog when I didn't have the time to blog. You guys could catch my cousin Moe Nasrul on FlyFM as he is on FlyF's MYvi Trooper team.Kumiko & I, at MAC's new makeup range launch. I knew Kumiko back in One In A Million 2 days where she is one of the many makeup professionals responsible in making us looking like a million dollars before each TV appearance.
Had lunch with two pals, Elena Tow (who came down all the way frm Melbourne to tempah her wedding dress) & Malaysia Airlines marketing manager, Aunty 'Dato's Raja Diana Zainal Shah'.
At TIMEOUT's magazine launch last week. Get to meet Reshmonu at last! I bought both his albums, support Malaysian music OK? He shared with me his experiences and gave me useful advice... I told him that I like to be featured on any of his songs... soon! Hehe...

Cheers and keep voting me on the radios! Thanks heaps! IZ