Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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It’s the 1st day of the month! I’ve been working extra hard in the last couple of days… as you know ‘Gonna Be Alright’ got played on XFresh last Thursday by Burn & Hunny Madu, and I’ve also recorded another version of ‘Gonna Be Alright’ called ‘Gonna Be Alright Club Mix’ with C.Loco (completed the recording of my harmonies yesterday actually…yaye!) & now I’m working on my Malay single called ‘Bersama, Together’ with my collaborators in Sydney & Jakarta.

I was at FlyFM yesterday and got interviewed by funny man, Basil, the announcer from FlyFM’s Campur Chart!. So please guys! Make sure you tune into FlyFM’s Campur Chart this Sunday from 7PM to 9PM to catch the interview. I shared a bit of my career plans… hehehe.If you’re reading this entry, keep supporting me by Sending your song request and dedication on FLY FM's Must Have Music Request every weekday 10am - 4pm by SMS-ing FR[space]Gonna Be Alright and send to 33399 now!

Or send your request by email by clicking the link below! It's FREE guys! http://www.flyfm.com.my/mhmr.asp

Have a nice day everybody! Many thanks for the support! Cheers, IZ

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