Thursday, March 6, 2008

Excited. Heaps to do. Bogged down with lotsa stuff.

I have officially given birth (LOL) to my debut baby single yesterday around 4pm at The Ark Studios (Previously known as Sonique Productions in Tmn Tun). Nick Lee mastered the final mix of Gonna Be Alright with me in presence, at his mastering suite. I know… I know… many of you guys are excited to listen to it. It will be out there soon… I promise… I am excited myself as well… LOL…. This is the first time ever for me to have a track of mine mastered. It will be up for preview before this Friday on my blog just for you guys. So stay tuned aight?

Here is the track info you’ll fine on the sleeve of the CD inlay.
Words & Music: Ezuan Sulaini (Iz-One Publishing) & Adam Luck (ADM Publishing)
Produced by Iz/ Arranged & programmed by Adam Luck at ADM Studios, Sydney/
Vocal Production & Arrangement by Iz/ Backup Vocals: Iz/ Recorded by Kieran Kuek & Mixed by Keith Yong at TwoAM Studios, Kuala Lumpur/ Mastered by Nick Lee at The Ark Studios, Kuala Lumpur

Send an email to if you want to be included in my mailing list. You will be notified when the single is available for preview on my blog. Ciao.

I am so tired, going to bed now. ZzzzzzzzZz

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