Friday, March 7, 2008

Here I present to you, ‘Gonna Be Alright/ 会好的’

Written by Iz Sulaini and Adam Luck / © 2008 Iz Sulaini | Iz-One Music Publishing / Adam Luck | ADM Publishing / Produced by Iz Sulaini for / Vocals produced by Iz Sulaini and Kieran Kuek / Music recorded by Adam Luck at ADM Studios, Sydney, Australia / Vocals recorded by Kieran Kuek at TwoAM Studios, Kuala Lumpur, MY / Pro Tools edits and effects by Keith Yong and Kieran Kuek / Additional engineering by Keith Yong / Assisted by Iz Sulaini and Jean Louis Sibert / Mixed by Keith Yong for TwoAM Studios at TwoAM Studios, Kuala Lumpur, MY / Mix assistance by Iz Sulaini, Adam Luck and Rubia Braun / All vocals by Iz Sulaini / Vocal arrangement by Iz Sulaini / Background vocals by Iz Sulaini / All music by Adam Luck / Additional SFX by Adam Luck / Mastered by Nick Lee at The Ark Studios, Kuala Lumpur, MY

“As promised, I have uploaded my debut single ‘Gonna Be Alright/ 会好的here on my blog for you guys to listen to. It’s fresh of the mastering suite. Hope you guys like it. It’ll be on the local radios soon… Please do let me know of any charts I could enter… ha-ha. Again, I like to thank you guys for giving me the support I needed throughout OIAM2 & post OIAM2. Your positive energy has driven me to achieve more than I ever expected. I wanted you guys to be the first ones to listen to it. I am looking forward to your comments, both positive & negative. Keep supporting me yeah! And don’t forget to spread the word! IZ's debut single is out! Cheers”.
PURCHASE ‘Gonna Be Alright/ 会好的’ NOW.
You could purchase the single for RM4 (or AUD2), which includes a bonus digital booklet containing photos, lyrics & behind the scenes footage of the making of the single in Quicktime format. Strictly digital! Everything will be emailed in a high quality .zip file. EMAIL MELINDA AT NOW FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO PURCHASE. Do not forget to include YOUR NAME/EMAIL/CONTACT NUMBER. Orders will be collected every Monday by our administrator. Thank you.


Nessa said...

IZ, thanks for the heads up.

I love this song, awesome! Honest (if I'm lying, lightning will strike me! Hey, I'm still alive... hehe). I'll definitely buy your album :D

I could imagine you singing this with your 'diva' kinda style... ;)

eMilyism said... to buy the single? gitau la camner

Anonymous said...

hehe nice song Iz

Climb those charts so i have something to brag about when i balik malaysia :p

imborntosingsongs said...

Thank you guys!

Renee Tay said...

Babe, remember back then in peninsula u always ask me to listen to the tune of this song.. n explains to me wat is the lyric trying to tell..

Good Job dearie..
U make mama proud!!! =)


shalini said...

dude!! damn you've come a long long way baby...know this guy for AGES and never knew such a talent was simmering in the song, love the caramel voice and the piano-infused melody....i'm proud of u! you're definitely goin places when u're up on stage receiving your AIM dont be some stuck up monkey and forget your old pals like moi =)


Jean Louis said...

You can go pretty far, Iz. Just keep on working hard and I'll see what I can do to help you out with :)

that said...

Iz! This song is great! I'm in Melbourne and we need more talent and style like this! Why did you leave? You should come back here! Melbourne will love you :)