Friday, March 14, 2008

Progress Update.

Last Tuesday I personally went to 8TV and hand delivered four promotional copies of my debut single. The very 1st copy went to org kuat 8TV, Mr. Izham Omar, CEO of 8TV. Had a quick chat with him. I hope he likes the track. He looked busy and being the very observant person that I am, I quickly excused myself. I need to contact him soon to ask for his feedback. More on that later… Then off I went to see Anida, the program manager for HotFM. She was cool and was such a sweety. Passed two copies of my debut single to her. One for her and one for FlyFM’s program manager, Hawa. Hawa was unavailable, so hopefully she gets a copy as well… the last copy went to Edris who is now in Sabah, with the jutawan baru Malaysia, Ayu! Hehehe… I hope he will like the track too (Thanks to Abg Azwar who helped me heaps!)The next day, my media rep, Mel, and I went to XFresh, and MixFM. Bunch of ultra friendly people. I’m friendly too… hahaha… so say hi if you happen to see me at some mamak hangout place okie dokie?

Currently I am busy with recording the rest of the tracks for my EP Single. There will be 6 tracks on that one. Mind you guys, it’s not an album! That will have to wait… hehehe! (Hopefully within this year! If everything falls into place as planned) I don't know if you guys know Roslan Aziz. I will be meeting him later today. He has this upcoming project that I want to be apart of. Will update later.

Many thanks for your support. This is what you guys can do now to help me push my debut single!
Visit this link Vote and ask for my song GONNA BE ALRIGHT ‘会好的’ They’ll play it more on the radio if you guys ask for it! Time kasih!

I’ll provide the details of the other radio stations later today. hit up FlyFM!

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