Friday, April 25, 2008

Telemovie/off day/FlyFM

Today is an off day for me. No studio visits, no worrying about whether the mix of a song is going to be OK or not, no picking up calls or replying txt messages. Pheww. I get to surf the net (at last), read the paper, eat properly plus do an update on my blog! Yaye. It’s ANZAC day today in Australia so everybody there is on hols (well not everybody lol). I really miss Melbourne & its weather, my apartment there (It has been 5 months) & ANZAC biscuits especially when it is still warm, fresh from the oven. Make me some Brenda! Send it ova heyar!
HokaY... Early last week, I had the opportunity to make a cameo appearance in a telemovie opposite Nora Danish [of Puteri fame], who also happened to lend her voice to my Malay single, ‘Bersama Together’. It was a fun experience because I never acted in front of the camera before & I had to learn my lines right on location an hour before the shoot! It was a hell lot for me to memorise though, but I got through it like a trooper… pat pat on my back. I really didn’t know what to expect & I just did what came naturally to me. The folks on the set were very nice & everybody was so professional aside from the production crew who arrived late. My scene was shot in a bookstore at Central Market. It’s been a long time since I last went there, but it sure has changed. It looked a lot different from what I remembered… cantik gilee… The director told me that acting is about waiting. He was right. There were a lot of waiting. You need to be really patient if you want to be an actor. Good energy level is also vital. Thank god everything was shot in doors not out in the humid KL weather ha-ha! I remembered telling the director that I prefer to shoot my scene at night… ha-ha! On a whole, I enjoyed acting very much & felt a sudden urge to do more of it after the director shouted ‘its a wrap!’ probably because I had heaps of fun. Tak puas.

Nizam Zakaria (Director) & I

Rehearsing the scene

*Karya Prima produces this telemovie & it will be shown on Astro Ria. Gonna Be Alright will be featured on it as well.

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eMilyism said...

Wow...sounds like you had heaps of fun...jeles la pulak. Felt different ker to act? I guessed it is the essence of the word itself. Coz you wanted to do what comes naturally to you, but when the director says action, you immediately 'act' and that throw you off course.

So how many takes did you have to take? kekekeke