Friday, April 18, 2008


I just got home from my interview with XFresh tonight which is why I am feeling so fresh right this moment!! (Sorry guys, if you missed it, you missed it, this show got no repeat). It was good fun. Burn and Hunny Madu from Zon Planet XFresh were very friendly too. I had the opportunity to sing 2 lines of the chorus from my debut single ‘Gonna Be Alright’ right after it finished playing on XFresh FM. I passed a copy of Gonna Be Alright Club Mix ft. C. Loco to Burn as I just got it mastered yesterday. This club version of Gonna Be Alright will make you wanna dance! I would suggest you guys to include it in your workout tunes when you get my Single EP out soon! Keep requesting my single ‘Gonna Be Alright’ on XFresh yea? Keep it coming. You could:
type XPOD[jarak]GONNA BE ALRIGHT & send to 32399
(from 8-9pm)
XFD[jarak]Dedikasi Gonna Be Alright kepada [people you know] & send to 32399
I have also completed the recording of my Malay single, ‘Bersama, Together’ which features Nora Danish. Is she singing on it? Surprise! Nantikan. As you know, I’m making a cameo appearance in a Malay telemovie where I’ll be sharing a scene with Nora Danish. This scene with me will be shot this coming Saturday. I’m still in the dark about what my lines will be, or what is the title of this telemovie. All I know is that my scene will be shot in a bookstore & it’ll be shown on Astro Ria. Telemovie ini pun akan menggunakan debut single I, tapi untuk scene apa tak tau lagi. Apa2 pun I am so happy that I got this opportunity. Will update more once I have the details aight? Checkout the pix below.
Nora Danish, Me & Keith (Sound Engineer) at The Ark Studios
Everything is coming together now. I am anxious & excited! :-p


Nessa said...

I'm happy for you IZ, everything seems to be falling into place ya. Congrats :)

Let us know when the Telemovie will be shown on TV, I'd like to watch you as an actor pulak!

sue said said...

ko makin hebat skarang nih ek.. wish u all da best. u deserve all this limelight coz u got TALENT!