Sunday, June 8, 2008

8TV Quickie tonight.

Hey guys, don't forget to tune into 8TV Quickie tonight to catch me sing the acoustic version of Gonna Be Alright! Ciao! IZ

Before I forgot, keep voting for Gonna Be Alright on FlyFM by:
IZ Gonna Be Alright to & put IZ GONNA BE ALRIGHT in the subject & message OR BY SMS, Send Campur[space]IZ to 33399 (this costs 50cents) now!


icywhinygnome said...

M I d 1st 2 log on dis blog after d quickie??? :p

zafi said...

nice song. what a talent

jay c. said...

good songs.. gonna watch u singing on MHI.. Lagu BM plak.. the best of career ahead!

imborntosingsongs said...

Thank you guys! Catch me on

- Celebrity Chat 8TV on 11th June at 2pm
- Malaysia Hari Ini TV3 on 12th June at 8am

:-) will announce the winner hehehe