Monday, June 9, 2008

Photos frm Quickie/ENVY mag party

Last night's appearance on 8TV Quickie was short & sweet. Rina were talking so fast, I couldn't really catch what she was saying... but yeah, I thought my acoustic performance singing Gonna Be Alright with guitar accompaniment by Wong (frm Guitar Planet, Summit Subang) was really cool eventho I am still recovering from a bad sore throat... I did my best I reckon. I liked how it sounds! I did the 1st verse & repeated the chorus, twice... short & sweet. I felt so bloated after a big Bday dinner I had prior to the interview with close pals at One Utama next door. Blurgh... it was also freezing in the studio, which is why I had that blue jumper on. My mum like seeing me wearing that jumper. A very dear friend of mine Rubia who is currently having heaps of fun in Europe now sent me a birthday song she composed! It's so hihihilarious I wish I could find a way to upload it so you guys could hear it... (any ideas?)
Went to the launch of ENVY magazine last Friday night @ Maison, Heritage Row. Shah (The guy who started the mag) insisted on me coming bcause I missed one of his parties b4, so I went even though I was a bit unwell. Passed him a copy of my EP, said hi 2 couple of peeps, spent like 10 minutes @ the event & made the exit. Check out the spray painted black shirt I wore. Matched it with a bow tie. It's one of the pieces given to me by a clothing brand... likey likey...LOL. Can't mention the brand yet until everything is finalised.Anyway don't forget two catch your boy IZ on 3 other live TV & Radio appearances tis' week:
1) WED/11th of June (8TV Celebrity Chat with Baki frm 2pm-2.30pm) then later followed with a radio interview Putra Radio 90.7 (9pm)
2) THUR/12th of June (TV3 Malaysia Hari Ini/ Malaysia Today. Will be singing two songs, Gonna Be Alright + Bersama Together)

Other than that the whole week gonna be filled with interviews, shoots & more interviews. I plan to head back to Melbourne on the 23rd of June. The purpose of my trip back to Melbourne will be kept as a secret for now. Hehehe (evil laugh) It’s freezing now down there. Yaye! Anyway my song on CampurChart dropped four places this week :-( Tsk tsk… I really need you guys to help me climb back the charts. How? Easy…
IZ Gonna Be Alright to & put IZ GONNA BE ALRIGHT in the subject & message
............OR BY SMS,
Send Campur[space]IZ to 33399 (this costs 50cents)

Many thanks! IZ.
p/s: An email will be sent to the guys who scored free copies of my EP & an invite to my birthday dinner this coming Saturday. Keep tab of your mailbox kids!!!!

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