Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Full days ahead & I'm excited.

It is going to be another ‘FULL’ week again this week. Doing three corporate gigs that I need to rehearse for, gonna meet up with the GM of Beyond Artistes, phone conference with Chong Lim in Melbourne for a particular song he wants me to do, gonna enter ‘Bersama, Together’ into TV3’s Muzik-Muzik, interview/photoshoot with The Star, URTV & Ria Sentral (Astro Ria), recording of Gonna Be Alright in Mandarin, doing an acting workshop with Sazzy Falak & Asyraf Sinclair this Saturday… arrggh! Like I said on one of my TV interviews last week (I think it was NTV7), it’s hardwork… But it’s fun. I hope I'll survive & that things are ‘Gonna Be Alright’. Also guys, don’t forget to catch MELODI this weekend on TV3 (This SUNDAY/12.30PM) as they covered my birthday party which was wholly sponsored by DELICIOUS CAFÉ. Nyummmo. I am so lucky... drool.

I'm also meeting up with peeps from Nestle & my appearance on the MEPS Bankcard TV commercial is supposed to be aired sometime within this week. I can’t wait to see the end product! LOLs. Thank you to Bonnie for cutting up the news stories on my behalf. I appeared in Pancaindera during the weekend where I thought I looked exhausted, but many said I look fine. Thanks guys. I still remember that particular day when I was so busy running around but yeah, I got the job done. Anyway, if any of you guys happen to be walking by the newsstand, do get a copy of Hai magazine as I am in it (Smile). Above (me wearing the yellow t-shirt) is one of the photos you’ll find in the accompanying article in the mag. Go get Hai now!

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Az said...

Good luck! =)