Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Recap. Photos be up soon.

My 25th birthday party last Saturday was a blast! I really like to thank Delicious for sponsoring the event especially to Liza Variyan & Benjamin. The new Delicious outlet at the Marc Service Residence is by far one of the best-looking restaurants in KL (wait till you see the photos!), fully lit by natural daylight & the food! Was gorgeous! You guys gonna drool when you see the photos! Also, I like to thank Jemang from REMAJA magazine & the TV crew from MELODI TV3 for covering the event. I like to thank all the fans who came, especially for your presents! Your presence is enough a present for me. I really appreciate your support. I had a lot of fun…
Went to the Gossip Girl launch party yesterday (Sunday) & the theme was 'New York Preppy' which is so so me! I was going for the very English boarding school look & paired it with Y3 sneakers, cream coloured cashmere jumper despite the weather blah! complete with a bow tie which is totally the opposite of what the event required, "New York Preppy"... hehe, whatever you think, think the opposite, that's my motto now. LOLs. Tunku Tiara was the host & it was her first time trying her hand at hosting. I thought she was really good… beyond what I expected of her… really blew me away… plus she looked gorgeous with her preppy outfit. Also caught up with a couple of people that I know & also made new contacts. I really love meeting new people, I am so grateful that I am doing this now… new people inspire new ideas, every time for me. Accidentally caught up with the ever-busy popular host, Mr. Baki from Celebrity Chat who were looking for a bag big enough to put all his mess into (He told me) at Calvin Klein (ooh flossy, flossy)... he is a fun dude… really nice guy! Hung out with the very gorgeous Renee too! also a Gemini like me, who loves meeting people. Her smile just lights your day. I miss U alreaddayy!

Renee! I want the photos! Tell your friend who came to my party to load up the photos now! The ones he took with the expensive camera! I really want to put it up on my blog! PPL are waiting! Please be patient O dear readers.

OH! One more thing. It's official now! SONY BMG is distributing my first release. So happeyy!

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Baki Zainal said...

yes, i need a man bag.. and now at this moment i shall be content with my timberlands sling until of course i find that black or brown worn out leather ferragamo wow!!! good to see you taking off in this field babe!!