Friday, June 13, 2008

Today is your lucky day! JOIN me @ DELICIOUS!

Good news for some of you guys out there!!!/READ: First 15 people only!!!/Ltd. no. of seats.
Quite a number of the winners of the contest I’ve organised throughout my radio & TV appearances for the past 10 days WON'T be able to attend my little get together at DELICIOUS this Saturday (tsk, tsk so sedih)... BUT IT'S OK! … I’m offering invites to all of you guys out there who may be free this coming Saturday, June 14th at 3PM to help celebrate my 25th ‘high tea’ birthday party sponsored by yummy DELICIOUS at (Will reveal the exact location to the lucky 15 peeps via email OR phone call)

Just to warn you, there will be loads of sugary stuff... nyummm! Ha-ha... Hope none of you guys are diabetic… yikes! Again, places are limited. If you do wanna join in the fun, & if you’re pretty sure you are available this Saturday, June 14th at 3PM, just email Melanie NOW at & let her know you want to come OK? If you're lucky, you'll be the first 15 peeps! [Email her. Don't send your msg in the cBox] Ciaoz! IZ


Nessa said...

Happy birthday IZ! May all your dreams be fulfilled :) Glad things are working out nicely for you. All the best!

imborntosingsongs said...

Hi Nessa!!! Thank you so much! I hope things are going to work out right for me, Things are "Gonna Be Alright"! hehehe

You'll see more of me soon I promise! :-) Wish me luck! :-)