Thursday, June 12, 2008

Photos frm MHI pagi tadi.

Hello semua! Iz sekarang tengah siap2 nak get ready for photoshoot. Pagi tadi IZ appear dalam rancangan Malaysia Hari Ini (Malaysia Today) nyanyi lagu 'Bersama Together Feat. Nora Danish'. Sesiapa yg tgk, I like to know what you think of that song which I wrote myself. IZ akan hubungi pemenang melalui email malam ni bila balik OK? Can't wait for my high tea birthday party this Saturday at Delicious with you guys! Ciao for now & check out the photos frm this morning.
p/s: Iz akan contact pemenang2 malam nanti bila Iz sampai rumah ok? Yang bertuah will get to attend my birthday party sponsored by Delicious this Saturday!


Anonymous said...

juz love the song!
i like it so much!
n u cute too! =)

btw, happy becoming b'day to u..
hope u have a wonderful day n success in your career..

imborntosingsongs said...

Thank you anonymous....

I would prefer to know the person behind this msg at least with a name ke or a nick name? hheheh

dont be a stranger:-p

Az said...

juz love being a stranger.. ;P
okay la, if u insist.
juz call me Azie.

you know what, i would like to be apart from your b'day party. Tapi i xsure tempat tu kat mane. Never been to OU.
sedih la.. T_T

kalau i hantar email kat mel n let say i jadi the lucky 15 tapi i xdapat datang macam mane?

Kamariah said...

sure u boleh punye!!! send email la :-) Azie.... believe there are still space.... if u say yes now i consider u r coming... just send email its not at OU its in KL close to KLCC.

imborntosingsongs said...

Hello Azie! there still space cepat la..... :-) kalau nak datang kenapa malu2??? haiya!!!

imborntosingsongs said...

u can ajak kawan even!

Az said...

yes its true,
i'm a shy gurl..
hehe.. ;P
you r not workin today iz?

kamariah, r u goin?

imborntosingsongs said...

I just came back from SonyBMG... huhuhuh good news! I guess I see you tomorrow!

Az said...

meet u there! =)