Thursday, June 12, 2008

Catch me on Malaysia Hari Ini.... 'HARI INI'!

Just got back & it has been a really looong day for me. Celebrity Chat with Baki (CLICK HERE TO WATCH NOW), then straight to Beyond Artistes, & a radio interview at 90.7FM etc. Early tomorrow morning, I have to be at TV3 @ 7AM! I will be appearing on Malaysia Hari Ini (Malaysia Today) & they want me to sing two songs (I hope I can sing early in the morn'). I am going to sing ‘Gonna Be Alright’ + my new Malay single, ‘Bersama Together featuring Nora Danish’. Hope you guys will catch it! Just came back from the radio interview I had 2 hours ago. Check out the photos below: yeah, good night! & thank you so much for all of your messages. Really made my day. CATCH me on MHI in 8 hours! ZzzZZzz.


Anonymous said...

rambut u tinggi! ilusi optik.

fatin_jb said...

hey! i just caught u on mhi!
ur hairstyle sgt smart la!
btw, here's the email =)

Anonymous said...

c u on mhi juz now..
hepi burfday ya..

mid said...

Hi Iz, U look so handsome this morning... Nice song... Good luck!!


Anonymous said...

bersama together?
i jatuh cinta kat lagu you..
best banget!

Sam Loke said...

u were funny and adorable on tv srceen..

i like u so much...everything of u... like paul says u r dramatic in everything u do..

emm...the most i like from u is ur open-mindedness

i want to c more fr u.. :)

imborntosingsongs said...

Hi guys. Thank you for all your positive comments. I hope you guys enjoyed 'Bersama Together' I performed today. Kalau boleh semua I nak ajak pergi my birthday party this Saturday... anybody minat? LOL>.....

What do you guys really think of Bersama Together on MHI this morning?


Anonymous said...

mesti la ramai yang berminat nak pegi!! =)

btw, i dont know where is delicious?
may b it kinda funny i dont know that place.. heee.. =D
never been there.

imborntosingsongs said...

nak tau delcicious kat mana, go to