Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm back! & be sure to Stay Tuned.

Hey guys! your boy is back in Tanah Tumpah Darahku.
I've been overseas for a couple of days & now I am back, with MORE news! hehe! First of all, I'll be acting in a TV commercial soon (Can't reveal for what & what I'll be doing yet at the moment, you'll find out hihi) So excited! Ken from TraxxFM just texted me saying that Gonna Be Alright just got played on TraxxFM like 5 minutes ago... huhuhu... OH, before I forgot, Gonna Be Alright will also be recorded in Mandarin... it'll be out on the Chinese radios... Gonna be interesting... Ha-ha! Don't worry, I'll be trained by a Mandarin speaking repetitor hehe... hopefully that will turn out OK... wish me lots of luck! Malaysia boleh! Also today, my mum & I went for two interview & photoshoot session with Harian Metro & Pancaindera which was good fun. Other than that, currently I am in the midst of discussion with a mens clothing brand interested in sponsoring my gear, head to toe... Nyummmo! I wore some of their fab pieces today at both photoshoots, its coolio but its not official yet.

AND!!! Don't forget to catch me singing Gonna Be Alright LIVE on NTV7's Breakfast Show. I will also be singing two songs: Gonna Be Alright & my new Malay single, Bersama Together Ft. Nora Danish on MHI (Malaysia Hari Ini/ Malaysia Today). If you want to hear Bersama Together, watchout for the dates below. I will also announce the international label who'll be distributing my 5-track EP on NTV7 & MHI :-)
3rd of June - Interview with UFM 93.6 They'll be playing both English & Malay singles. (3pm - 4pm)
4th of June - NTV7 Breakfast Show interview. I'll be singing Gonna Be Alright LIVE (8am)
- dash straight to KOSMO! office for an interview/ photoshoot.
5th of June - Interview/Photoshoot with URTV.
8th of June - 8TV Quickie (Make sure you guys catch this one!!!)
11th of June - Interview with PutraFM 90.7 (8.30pm)
12th of June - MHI [Malaysia Today/ Malaysia Hari Ini] (8am)
....more coming soon!

Before I forgot, keep voting for Gonna Be Alright by:
Sending IZ Gonna Be Alright to put IZ GONNA BE ALRIGHT in the subject & message OR BY SMS, Send Campur[space]IZ to 33399 (this costs 50cents) now!


~健一的秘密天堂花园~ said...

Hey, are you feeling alright since yesterday fever? Take care lah dude, if not later your voice change cant sing my song already.

I read whole of your blog, yeah, you own a manager, so she can help you already lar, muahahahaha

well, as a friend here, standby to help you whenever you need help, but don't ask me to treat you lunch or dinner, because now i am working without get paid.

Phew, anything please give me a call, you seems like so busy this whole week, so i also don't want to disturbyou in the afternoon or what, but depends lar, when you free, you give me a call lar.

take care

Kenji Asakura said...

Iz, Victor here, watched your appearence in The Breakfast Show. Looking good yo! Hey,you serious about giving your EP for free to the 3 commenters or something? If yes, hehe, I'm one of them, I hope. XD

red rose aka MI said...

Dear Iz,

Congrats for excellent happenings! Hope to get free singles and invite to birthday party for yr cuzs (izat, aliah, muh, and aisyah) and MI here at DU.

You were fantastic at breakfrast show! Singing sitting down is not easy but you did it!

Love always