Thursday, October 9, 2008

BERSAMA TOGETHER debuts on FlyFM CampurChart & MUZIK-MUZIK | Ria897FM Singapore | iRemaja & Perempuan OCT |

I know I’ve been quiet for the last couple of days but this does not mean I am laying low, in fact I’ve been really busy though I don’t deny the fact that I am still in a very festive mood, I am feeling festive all over! High on Eid! In case you missed watching my evil laugh on Kan Cheong Kitchen last week, check out this link.

BERSAMA TOGETHER Ft. Nora Danish - Photo taken last Sunday @ Sazzy Falak’s open house. Stuffed my face with so much food.

Anyway, Tunku Tiara, my closest OIAM2 mate called me from Singapore (or was it Johore? Lupe LOL) yesterday sounded ecstatic!

Tiara: IZ, cuba dengar the lagu in my background…
Me: Listening… OMG! That’s my song! BERSAMA TOGETHER...
Tiara: Ha ah, I am listening to RiaFM (Major Singaporean radio) now & your song is playing!
Me: Yaye! Yaye! (Happy gile) Can’t wait to go down to Singapore to promote my EP!
Tiara: Yaye! Happy for you! (We blab on…)

DJ ‘Aura’ Shai & DJ Freda from RiaFM Singapore both interviewed me with HUJAN last July & they told me that they are putting BERSAMA TOGETHER on their playlist. This means having my song played like more than 5 times a day. Do you guys know how hard it is to get on a radio’s playlist? I can assure you it’s really hard so this is Mayjah! Lol. In order to get frequent airplay, a singer/songwriter like me will need the support of listeners, music lovers & fans to vote, request, make call ins & dedications to demand for their songs. So guys! Look out for these dates & teruskan sokongan anda OK? TQ ☺Really appreciate it.

7PM, Sunday October 12th: Catch my interview with Basil on FlyFM’s CampurChart this weekend. BERSAMA TOGETHER is the new entry this week. VOTE ONLINE NOW.

5.30PM, Thursday October 16th: BERSAMA TOGETHER will also be the new entry on TV3’s MUZIK-MUZIK next week. Voting instructions will be uploaded next week.

- Basil frm FlyFM & I acting silly @ the studio during an interview for BERSAMA TOGETHER on FlyFM's CampurChart Show which will be aired 7PM, Sunday October 12th -

- Ben Ibrahim frm GUA interviewing me - Amber Chia gave me a free copy of her new book - Got a haircut sponsored by BELFRY Pavilion - Eekee, the editor of GUA posing silly wit me -

Picked up the latest copy of iRemaja’s Raya Edition as there is a double page spread on me plus my CD review. Check out Perempuan too. 8TV peeps already called my manager, Mr. Kenji regarding One In A Million 3 Pre Audition Roadshows across Malaysia (Sarawak, Sabah, Penang, JB, KL) in November. Yep! It’s around the corner & I can’t wait to perform songs from my debut record.

Other things in the pipeline: Music video for GONNA BE ALRIGHT, upcoming gigs with new songs from my full studio album which will be performed with my backing band, sneak peak of the new songs I am currently working on. There will be a free performance @ Bangkok Jazz for you guys soon too. Basically I’ll be working my arse off until the end of the year. Hui Hao De!

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