Saturday, October 11, 2008

FlyFM interview tomorrow 7PM | Majalah MANGGA, Perempuan & FACES | Muzik-Muzik TV3|

Tonight, I’ve got an interview with Ben Ibrahim for GUA’s online TV show in Bangsar (Will post photos from that later) but before that I have to go pick my baju for MUZIK-MUZIK next Thursday with Kenji. Tak sabar GILE nak perform BERSAMA TOGETHER minggu depan. Also, Jangan lupa to tune into FlyFM tomorrow at 7PM OK? BERSAMA TOGETHER is making its debut on Campur Chart esok too!

Lookout for these dates:
Tomorrow! 7PM, Sunday October 12th: Catch my interview with Basil on FlyFM’s CampurChart this weekend. BERSAMA TOGETHER is the new entry this week. VOTE ONLINE NOW.

5.30PM, Thursday October 16th: BERSAMA TOGETHER will also be the new entry on TV3’s MUZIK-MUZIK next week. Voting instructions will be uploaded next week.
I went for my very first photo shoot with Majalah MANGGA (That’s ‘MANGO’ for my Aussie mates) organised by the very friendly Fadil at Quality Hotel, KL yesterday. MANGGA has a reputation of putting up photos of shirtless male personalities in swimming pools & nope they didn’t ask me to take it off… though I kinda like to… LOL, Kidding.

My manager (Kenji) then took me to MIFW (Malaysian International Fashion Week) to meet its CEO, Ms. Sheba Yip for some really cool upcoming projects, which I am so excited about. Oh, checkout the latest copy of Perempuan & FACES too!

P/S: See you guys soon in Pinang, Johor, Sabah, Sarawak, KL and Singapore! Check me out on HERE.

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