Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I AM NOW IN MELBOURNE | Siti Nurhaliza | Intan Sarafina's wedding | KLUE, FACES & PEREMPUAN | Muzik-Muzik send MM[space]B400 to 33399

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Yay! It’s great to finally be back in Melbourne! Arrived at Tullamarine Melbourne Airport around 7AM Melbourne time (5AM Malaysian time) this morning. I am so happy to find my apartment in pristine condition. Was worried sick. Someone is doing their job right LOL. Guess what? Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza was on the same flight as me.

I saw her queuing at the Australian immigration check this morning with Dato K’s sister & said hi to them both. We then had a little chat while waiting for our baggage at the carousel. She’s here in Melbourne to be with her husband & the children. Kak Siti also told me that she knows about me & that she likes the cover picture of my GONNA BE ALRIGHT EP hehehe... I thanked her & gave her a free copy of my EP free of charge of course… hehehe. She gave a couple of tips about the Malaysian entertainment industry. I always saw her at events but never managed to speak to her. I consider myself to be very lucky actually speak & have her full attention. It really made my day.

Yesterday, 4 hours prior to my trip down under, I was busy having fun LOL & even sang BERSAMA TOGETHER during a Hari Raya Charity Luncheon organised by DZMS Sdn Bhd with orphans from a local orphanage at Coronade Hotel, Bukit Bintang. The kids were heaps of fun! Check out the photos.

One of OIAM2's graduate just got married last Sunday & guess who it is? Intan Sarafina. Intan looked even more gorgeous in her traditional Malay wedding regalia. There were water vapor everywhere so the photos came out blurry.

I met Amy Search at Muzik-Muzik last week. Hope some of you guys caught my performance singing BERSAMA TOGETHER on TV3’s Muzik-Muzik last Wednesday. Please vote the song by typing MM[space]B400 and send it to 33399 okay? TQ so much! Lets hope the song will stay on the charts.

Other than that, check me out in the October issue of KLUE, FACES & Perempuan magazine.


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