Friday, October 24, 2008

Bersama Together got played on SBS Radio, Australia | Melbourne was freezing cold yesterday | Lookout for my roadshow in Kuching, Penang & KL.

BERSAMA TOGETHER is currently NO.15 on TV3’s Carta Muzik-Muzik as of yesterday. If you really like the song, please do vote to help push it to number one dengan menaip MM[space]B400 dan hantar ke 33399. Who knows if I might be lucky enough to perform at the finals?

Meanwhile, Bersama Together is currently at NO. 6 on FlyFM’s CampurChart. You can vote online NOW.
I went for a meeting at the SBS broadcast office located at Melbourne’s Federation Square yesterday regarding a radio interview I will be doing (Will keep you guys posted) which I'm kinda excited about. They have started playing Bersama Together, which is so cool! I am looking forward to the interview. I will also be speaking to my management about having my debut EP selling online on or eBay as there are people inquiring about the EP from as far as France (Be patient Parisienne Maman) when I get back to KL.
IZ's journey continues...

I saw this bright green chair in front of a flower shop on Little Collins St. on my way to Federation Square. I thought it looked cool. Whaddya think?

As I walked, while smiling to the camera, I saw...(???)

These pair of great looking white shoes in the window... went in.. tried them on...

...fell in love with it and got them... droool....

Oh finally arrived at SBS. I'm looking forward to my interview with SBS Radio. What the heck, its all good fun. Also catch my roadshow next month in Kuching, SARAWAK (1st Nov), Penang (9th Nov) & KL (15th Nov). The locations is TBC. More soon! and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE! Many thanks. IZ


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