Friday, December 12, 2008

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Events, events, events. Checkout the Xmas cookies I got from a Dude & Duchess event I went to last Wednesday. Cute as a button eh? It yummy too! Went to Farah Asyikin’s Roscani watch event after that where she performed my current favorite song HELLO composed by Audi Mok who I also met at the event. Passed him a copy of my CD & we had a little chat about working together. Who knows what might come up next? Stayed for 30mins before my manager & I moved on to another event: Amber Chia’s 27th Birthday Party held at this club (I forgot the name) at Caps Square Off Jalan Ampang. An interesting anecdote I like to share; Amber made me walk the runaway… gosh I did it by infusing silly walking style; crazy jumps & dance moves, & the crowd went wild!… LOL. Sorrry I can’t share any photos cuz I looked like a total idiot. I was supposed to go to Hannah Tan’s farewell party but had to cancel because I was too tired & it was getting late.

Farah & I, last week @ RTM doing silly poses. "HELLO!"
The HELLO man, Audi Mok himself. [I'm looking forward to work with you!]
Kenji (My manager), Amber (Malaysian lanky tall supermodel FYI), & me & - lupe
Shaz from XFresh was there too!

As some of you may know, I’ve started working on my full album (Wish me luck!) & you guys will hear more from me in the coming months. I had a lot of fun during a writing session with AJ Pop Shuvit last Tuesday night, which went for like 5 hours! I already got songs from Indonesia too! Cant tell from who yet. Hope you guys be patient enough until I unleash my new materials. Good things happen to those who wait. Hehehe. Oh! if you like Gonna Be Alright or Bersama Together, show me that you love me by getting the RingBackTones on your mobile phones. Below are the instructions (Instructions also available on the back cover of my EP).

Maxis: Dail *131*98191# and press CALL/SEND
Celcom: SMS: CMT 52095 and send to 22990
Digi: SMS: CT BUY 0048266 and send to 2000

Maxis: Dail *131*98190# and press CALL/SEND
Celcom: SMS: CMT 52097 and send to 22990
Digi: SMS: CT BUY 0048265 and send to 2000
For full song, send MUSIC to 33138 on your mobile now.
Had Meccas last night. I had the seasonal, once-a-year only Prosperity Burger which I've been missing. It was yummy! Saw Siti Sarah @ 4AM in the morning @ OldTown Yap Kwan Seng but wasn't allowed to take her photo because she didn't have any make up on. Duh! Oh well, I look like shit too at that hour... hohoho... till my next entry... Have a nice day!

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