Monday, December 1, 2008

I sprained my ankle :-( | World AIDS Day | LEVIs Party | MIFA

I sprang my ankle really badly yesterday when I missed a step at my aunt’s place. It is so bad that I almost fainted last night because of the pain. I’m currently nursing a fever resulted from the pain. The swelling has subsided compared to yesterday & I gotta be ready for rehearsals with RTM this coming Wednesday arrgh! Kinda worried.
Anyway, I performed & opened for World AIDS Day charity show last Saturday where I sang Gonna Be Alright & Bersama, Together in front of a very cheerful & supportive crowd… had a lot of fun even though it was a very hot and humid day. The support I got made me forget about the heat. Ben Ibrahim interviewed me on stage & was the ever-cheerful host.
Cheryl Samad, Ben Ibrahim & I. It was damn hot in our tent!
I had to rush home to get ready for an event held by LEVIs @ KL Tower later that night.
Rina Omar & I at the LEVIs party. She won't be hosting 8TVs Quickie anymore, moving on to bigger & better projects yea?Basil [FlyFM], Aaron [Homegrown], Rina, Hafiz [FlyFM] & IESTRANGED performed. They sounded really good! Rich gave me his contact & we might be collaborating on a song for my full album hehehe.

Off to The Gardens to attend MIFAs closing gala very briefly to say hi & straight to a reunion later at Nelayan Restaurant Titiwangsa with my old uni mates. Haven’t seen some of them for almost 8 years! As the restaurant was closing, my friends & I continued our meeting at Old Town Taman Melati and stayed there for another hour. I bid them farewell not long after that because had to catch up with Renee, Hendra & especially Joni (OIAM 2 finalist) who I haven’t met since February at Hartamas (Renee! I want our photos!). I felt really happy that day because I got to catch up with so many people in a day.


aizul said...

get well soon my frenz!~

Anonymous said...

semoga cepat sembuh.

bagaimana cara untuk bercakap bahasa inggeris dengan fasih? saya akan masuk form 4 tahun depan dan bahasa inggeris saya masih lemah.