Friday, November 28, 2008

World AIDS Day performance | MIFA | RTM's 2008 Xmas Show | Stephen Rahman-Hughes AKA Hang Tuah, Tunku Tiara & I

Yesterday was a very fulfilling day for me but I'm sooo tired!
Arrived at MIFA & sat front row (Thanks to Amir & Shiba Yip for the invite) to support a very talented designer friend of mine, Amir Luqman.The show yesterday showcased Bumiputera talents & I dare say that Malaysia has a wide variety pool of talents. That's MIFA's logo. Whaddya think?Yeah that’s me enjoying the 'clothes' hehe.I thought Amir Luqman’s haute couture designs stole the show especially when he had Ida Nerina, Aleeza Kassim, Waheeda wearing his designs alongside them leggy models. Even Atilia sang live throughout Amir’s show. Everyone else only got backing tracks. Coolness. Amir! I’m gonna sing for you for the next show OK?
Rushed home, got changed, makan2 & then straight to a studio in Taman Sri Rampai to record my vocals for a Xmas song called "Don't Save It All For Xmas". I'll be acting & singing for an RTM produced Xmas program next month. Nikki, Farah Asyikin will join me as well. This gonna be fun.I recorded my song under an hour & here is a little snippet of the rough vocals.

Dont Save It All For Xmas Rough - IZ
Hope you like it!
Nikki arrived not long after I finished. I was so tired & hungry afterwards, & coincidently Tunku Tiara called me up asking to join her at Concorde Hotel for some drinks & look whom we met? Hang Tuah himself better known as Stephen Rahman-Hughes. I saw him in Puteri Gunung Ledang last year & he was fantastic… Told him I didn’t get to join his performance workshop due to work commitments. Dang!

I will be the opening act for tomorrow’s 29th & 30th World AIDS Day @ Sg. Wang Plaza @ 12PM. Atilia, Hunny Madu, Mila, Riz, Cheryl Samad, Imran Ajmain, all will be there. Hope to see some of you guys there!


aizul said...

dude, i akan pastikan yg one day nanti i akan ada kat pntas tuh!~ haha

farridhusin said...

eh! itu 2tone studio tu!