Thursday, November 27, 2008

M-IFW 2008 + ENVY Magazine After Party | I love Comme De Garcons, Y3 sneakers & Issey Miyake but I totally abhor cggarette smoke!

Went to ENVY Magazine + M-IFW 2008 (Malaysian International Fashion Week) After Party @ Frangipani KL despite the heavy rain last night. Took out my Comme De Garcon raincoat for a spin, which I simply j'adore & wore it to the party with my Comme De Garcon fuchsia coloured oversize shirt with a vest from Issey Miyake over it, & huge Y3 high top sneakers topped with my fav bow tie :-p. I love my raincoat as it looks really cool & it reminds me a bit of ‘Inspector Gadget’, only mine is better-designed… hehehe. Didn’t stay long at the After Party, just an hour maybe? with my manager, met the guys from ENVY Magazine, & also the editor who invited me. Said hi to a couple of people I know way back, and head straight to home soon after that & quickly jumped into the shower to wash all traces of smoke particles in my hair... It was really smoky at the party & being a non-smoker, I hate the smell & what’s worst my outfit smells like death. I wish one day the Malaysian government would just ban smoking in & around public spaces just like Australia. I really want to wear good stuff when I go out but what’s the point of wearing good quality nicely cut garment if it is going to end up smelling like Sh!@#$? Sigh. Sabar je la.
Grabbed a quick bite @ this place eating crunchy woodfire baked pita bread before the after party.
I am looking forward to watching young designers parade their design ideas today @ 1PM, The Gardens, & also the recording of a Xmas song tonight for RTM.


Ted Baker said...

Pi mandi la buchuk ah!

imborntosing said...

dah mandi dah. nak tido now.... esok ada fashion show nak kene pegi.

aizul said...

perrghh cun sioot baju!~ tuan dier skali laa..haha