Wednesday, November 26, 2008

World AIDS Day | Jus Radio 'Hot Seat' | Wanita Hari Ini | OK! Anniversary Party |

Hey guys. Sorry for not updating. I am currently busy rehearsing my Xmas songs which I am going to record with RTM for their 2008 Christmas Show. RTM invited me to be on their Xmas show around last week. In fact it'll be like a musical, and I got lines to memorise! I shall say no more, it'll be a surprise! I am also going to perform this weekend @ Sg. Wang 12PM (on Sat & Sun) for World AIDS Day & join other performers such as Atilia, Hunny Madu, Imran Ajmain, Melissa etc. Will post it up here once everything is confirmed kay? You can also listen to me on Jus Radio Hot Seat with KC Ismail this week by clicking on the link. Also check out what I’ve been up to in the last couple of days.

The red carpet @ the OK! Anniversary Party.

This is my top from the back. I got it in New York in 2006, I really like the design at the back. Very understated.

My 'always excited' cousin (Moe Nasrul of FlyFM) & I

Henry Golding & Belinda Chee of 8TV's Quickie. I got so many photos that night but can't be bothered to upload everything. Yawn.

I appeared as a guest on Wanita Hari Ini last week talking on the subject of pornography. The other guest (I can't remember his name) was a psychologist. So yea..

A quick photo with the host in between commercial break...

OK I look bored here but I actually wasn't, was probably thinking about stuff. So many things to think of! I am so happy that I got my own PA now, AS who will help my manager, Mr. Kenji manage my career... yeehaw! I'll be able to sleep more! hehehe

Stay tuned for more!
Till then! B-bye! :-p
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Ted Baker said...

I love the bow tie. That's cute! (",)

imborntosing said...

Thanks man!

redanna said...

i love the design at the back. sakura + victoria = iz heh

imborntosing said...

You do???

Thanks, I love that piece too!!! If you see any qirky looking slim fitting shirts please let me know okay? or if u r overseas get it for me I'll refund your purchase... I love to look for things such as this shirt.

Many thanks for visiting my blog.. datang lagi ok?