Monday, March 16, 2009

5 days left before I head back to KL | I found CheNelle's "Hurry Up" Music Video set :-p

Went out with my friends yesterday to the Melbourne Food Festival where I saw heaps of people came in droves. There were also cheese tasting and some coffee makin’ where they teach you about ‘Crema’ (You can judge if a coffee is good or not by just looking at the Crema covering the inside of an empty cup- not many ppl know this. The coffees u get at Starbucks or CoffeeBean isn't real coffee lemme tell ya. Just American shit). Melbourne is known for its coffee in this region.... But I don’t drink coffee tho’, give me a soy chai or a soy hot choc anytime! Coffee stains the teeth..yuk
Checked out this cool structure alongside Yarra River after the festival & discovered later that it appeared in Che’Nelle’s “Hurry Up” musis video… kewl eh? Check it! No wonder the structure reminded me of somethin’.
Been walking lots yesterday which is why I am up early & get to update this blog! HUHUH.5 days left before I head back to KL. Wish I could stay longer. Tsk tsk.

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