Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Safe & Sound in Melbourne | My BALI Adventure | Hairdreams Event KL | Dr Zein Obagi Skincare

Hey guys. They say it’s gonna be hot today in Melbourne. I got a message from Vic Police on my mobile phone yesterday which reads, “Extreme weather expected tonight (Monday) & tomorrow. High wind & fire risk. Listen to ABC local radio for emergency update”. If you watch or read the news in Malaysia you must have heard the recent bushfires in Victoria, Australia that has killed many civilians and left many homeless. I hope nothing bad happen again. Moving on… I have been unwell for the past couple of days because of the sudden change in weather but yeah... still managed to have fun & catch up with friends.
This is a video I did just yesterday & you’ll get a sneek peek of my song A.L.O.N.E. Check it!Other than that, I haven’t done much, basically just lazing around, watching DVDs, ‘chillaxing’ & basically just enjoying my time alone here. I am not entirely frozen mind you, as I am always working on “stuff”. Hehehe. I really really appreciate the messages I got prompting me to update my blog, on Facebook, MySpace and Friendster… so here you go guys. I have listed below interesting/not so interesting anecdotes in my boring life so far prior to me being here with photos, Enjoy!

25th Feb Wednesday SAFE AND SOUND
Arrived safely in Melbourne… got in the city & looked around. Everything is still the same… and yeah finally I threw myself on my couch…. sleeeppp sleeepp zzZzzz.

1st thing I did: Grab lunch at my favorite Grossi Florentino, Bourke St. on the very next day with Joey & the gang.

Went to Chapel St at 9.30AM with Anna and Joey to check out the Tsubi jeans sale... everything was priced below 100AUD than the usual 300AUD over you pay for in stores. Checkout the queue! We were standing in the sun but it wasn't too bad. I didn't buy anything though. Nothing turned me on.

24th Feb Tuesday STUCK IN BALI. TQ MAS.
Woke up early and boarded my morning flight to Melbourne… and as you all well know, I ended up in Bali because of sudden unavoidable technical problems with MH129 wher they had to do an emergency landing. What the heck! I dont mind as long as I got a free holiday and funnily enough, discovered some rupiah left from my last trip to Jakarta in my wallet. Used them up & bought DVDs (Got Lipstick Jungle which I am watching now + Can’t wait to start on Cashmere Mafia) Free hotel, free food… nothing better I could ask for. It was indeed the “longest” journey ever for me to Melbourne plus it took bloody 48 hours! Hehehe. Check out the Bali photos below…

23rd Feb Monday - HAIRDREAMS
My hair sponsor, Mr Bambang Sutrisno from Hair Kunst @ The Curve Damansara & his business partner invited me to the launch of Hairdreams, a top-notch hair extension technology for women and man. It was held at The Gardens Hotel. Check them out if you worry about getting “botak” early. SERIOUSLY!

19th Feb FridayDR ZEIN OBAGI
I gave my testimony on Dr Zein Obagi’s latest skincare line, ZO, at Pavilion KL after using for almost 2 months. The renowned skin doctor himself flew all the way down from Beverly Hills to be at the Pavilion launch of the new line. Do you know that skin is the biggest organ on your body? I just got to know it. Take care of it before it's too late guys! like me, I am still trying....

More soon!

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