Monday, April 13, 2009

LOL! I won Best Dressed Male @ last night's Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2008 in Genting Highland. LOL!

[Mahesh Jugal Kishor from Yasmin Ahmad's latest TALENTIME Movie, IZ (me) + Jazzy Sazzy]

[Dafi Akademi Fantasia + I. Ainul (Histeria) & Mahesh sat behind us]

[Hatta Dolmat, the guy who designed my winning outfit for this year's ABPBH08. Thanks a lot Hatta! Hatta never really design for menswear so I felt lucky to be chosen as his male 'muse' *ehem* the first! & we won!]

[The lovely & funny Aishah Sinclair. She always have funny things to say to me each time we meet!]

[Marsha Londoh of Akademi Fantasia (her phone matches her dress, kewl]

[I got this photo of Riz & I in my email today taken by NST journo, Dennis Chua. Thanks Dennis! He asked Riz & Iz to pose for his camera... LOL]


Virgonz said...

woah... congrats to IZ, btw who won the best dressed female...?

Anonymous said...

congrats iz...
mmg cantik la bju u..
sure mhl kn?

Iz said...

Virgonz! thanks for stopping by.
The best dressed female is Zizie Ezette hehehe

Baju I x mahal la.... Hatta Dolmat yg sponsor. Huhuhu lucky kan?

||| PöJìé PööH ||| said...

waahhh tahniah²..
tat outfit is cool!
i was there captured a pic with u n hatta too at the post party..

imborntosing said...

Hello Pojie...thanks... I like to see the photo you took that night, tried to go to ur blog but it says I need to be invited.... how does that work?