Saturday, April 11, 2009

"FINE! I’LL BE TWITTERING!" IZ, Twitter newbie.

Most of my friends have been blabbing about it, telling me I should ‘get with the program’ & is bloody on it every single day, so after much thought I’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon too... twittering along just like everybody else. As a good netizen, I felt like I’ve done my part LOLs. So yeah, what should my first TWITTER status message be? (Thinking to myself hmmm)

Checkout my Twitter above @ the right side of this page!
I have had doubts about Twitter in the past especially with what it is capable of & how it has caused what I’d call TWITTER TROUBLES since it's inception haha. Yep that’s right, that is what I'll be calling mine which coincidentally is a title of a song I am currently working on at the moment: TWITTER TROUBLES. Anyhow, if you picked yourself a copy of Berita Harian yesterday, you’d spot a full page article & photo of Hatta Dolmat, Shila and I in the HIP section of the paper which among all discusses how Shila & I feels about wearing Hatta’s creations to ABPBH2008 tomorrow. READ THE ARTICLE HERE.

[Wan Zaleha Radzi & friend, Me, Wirda Editor of GLAM, Syafinaz, Kem Salleh]

[in this photo: Syafinaz, Nora Danish, Chef Wan, Camelia, Kem Salleh, Adrina, Izrin Iz, Zaireen, Haflin]
Other than that, the past week have been really really hectic for me with events & shows where I actually had to skip some just so that I could squeeze in a good rest in between. There was the GLAM’s 5th Anniversary held at KLCC (which was a blast, met so many friends), Royal Selangor Product Launch (went straight after GLAM), STYLO Fashion Week (Truly enjoy it! particularly in love with Beatrice Looi's work), Raffles International College Student Show (Fantastic designs from the graduates), Cleo Bachelor Candidate #X Sultan Lounge Party (Nice fit out. You have to take the lift to the basement as it is an underground exclusive lounge), F1 & many others.

[In this photo: Moe Nasrul, Me, Aina, C.Loco]
Guys, from now on... If you don’t find me blogging, you’ll find me twittering! So do me a favour now please... Click above to follow me on Twitter and also this blog.

[In this photo: Renee Tay, Keyi, Me]

[In this photo: Moe Nasrul, Jennifer Lee, Kem Salleh, Elynn Leong]

[In this photo: Shila OIAM2, Nora Danish, Betty, Anggun,Shereen,Intan Baizura,Saniboey & wife]


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