Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I HUNG OUT WITH ANGGUN YESTERDAY! Yay! | STYLO Fashion Grand Prix KL 2009 'The Devil Wears....'

I am so happy right now. AT LAST! ZOMG… today is like the happiest day for me when I actually get to hang out with my idol, Anggun Cipta Sasmi or better known as ANGGUN after being a hardcore fan for so long since 1997! I practically grew up listening to her & watching her videos. I got all her CDs/ Vinyls/ Videos/ French versions of her songs (as pictured) & I got it all signed today by none other than Anggun herself. Happy giler! Thanks to Abang KC Ismail from Metadome for organizing my meeting with Anggun, my favorite chanteuse! I was myself; talkative as ever and yeah asked Anggun so many questions from her newborn to her past collaborations until the latest [I am a hardcore fan so I know, gotta show off my knowledge] hehe! Told Anggun that she is my inspiration in music & how I love the many positive messages she delivers in her songs from the 1st album until the latest, ELEVATION which is a totally different album from what she is used to doing. I was a lot younger when I saw Anggun live for the 1st time at Hardrock Café KL, probably like 7 years ago & I was so in awe when I caught her latest showcase at Hotel Istana last Friday, which was more like an appetizer for her latest release. Even though she only performed 5 songs acoustically, it was so good & I was speechless.

I asked, Susah tak belajar bahasa Peranchis?/ Is French an easy language to learn?” to which she replied, Sangat mudah jikalau dibandingkan dengan Bahasa Jawa./ French is easier than Javanese” LOL! Anggun’s newborn & hubby is also with her in KL now & today (Monday) is her last day before she proceeds to Bangkok tomorrow (Tuesday). I told Anggun that I am aware that she has many fans from all over the world & that I have to compete with them [LOL] but I told her I may be one of the few who made contact with people who have worked with her in the past & also her friends (Her face went mmm?????) LOL, I am not saying I am a stalker… haha… (Where am I going with this?)

Anyway, I got a message from a good friend of hers on my Youtube inbox, Jean Baptiste Erreca who directs almost all of Anggun’s music videos, 5 minutes before I met Anggun & he told me to give Anggun a big hug and kiss…. LOL …, which I did. She was quite surprised that I know people who worked with her in Europe… & I even told her I have met with another one workmate of hers, Frederic Lepage, a movie director who directed a very good friend of mine, Keith Chin (Anna & The King), who played the lead in his latest movie called “Sunil Et L’elephant” last year in Bangkok where I hung out with the French production crew for more than a month (I think)… can’t really remember exactly how long it was & Frederic himself told me that he worked with Anggun in France… That is why I am so so happy to get to meet Anggun in person today!

Anggun was friendly & such a pro because she has been doing this since she was 9. She started in Indonesia, moved to Europe & fought her way to make it as an international artiste. One word - INSPIRATIONAL. When I stood beside her to have our photo taken by the kind people from Metadome, I can’t help but ask her, “Your hair doesn’t smell like Pantene, do you actually use it?” LOL, “Of course! :-p” Anggun replied. As you all well know Anggun is the current spokesperson for Pantene. She told me that her next album will be an acoustic album… and yeah, her excitement really shows. Anggun exudes confidence & positivity, which I really admire & like to emulate. Hmmm… what else? Oh! I pass her my CD & signed, “To Anggun, my favorite chanteuse!”. I tried showing her how much I know about her music & what she has done in the past so that she know I am a real fan & supporter.

I wish I could write it all but some things are hard to explain, I rather have the pictures speak for itself. Words alone couldn’t describe how I felt during the meeting. I am officially starstruck guys! I have never been so starstrucked my entire life! Before we said our goodbyes, we hugged & I said to Anggun, “I hope our path will cross again in the future”.

I left Istana Hotel feeling super happy! Wooohooo! It was a super experience!
Venue: Scarlet Mansion @ Hap Seng Star
Later around 9.30PM, I went to STYLO’s Fashion Grand Prix KL 09 & witnessed well-known Malaysian menswear by local Malaysian designers graced the catwalk. I am not all that familiar with local menswear & it was a fantastic opportunity for me to see what Malaysia’s menswear designers have in store for its men. I truly enjoyed the show & was happy to see the designs weren’t all that boring. I reckon that Malaysian men should take more chances with the many different looks & choices available for them to choose from out there but of course not to go overboard with it. Unless you live in Japan or Paris… you can wear ANYTHING you want where people won’t care or they’ll applaud you for taking risks! (I wish I were in those two cities now)

This is Hatta Dolmat, the guy who is currently designing my 'Songket' inspired outfit for Anugerah Bintang Popular 2008. Can't wait!


Moe Nasrul said...

Hey cuz, i feel so happy for you that you get to meet the person who inspires you to be in the music industry. Em told me that you took her to see Anggun at HRC ages ago.
So yes we can vouch that you really is a BIG fan of anggun.
lol. Great post today cuz.

DonCorleone said...

Wah, bukan main lagi bermesra dengan Anggun nampaknya. Nice kan when you get to meet your idol and all? Dammiittt....when lah im gonna meet my Idol pulak ni???

Rynna said...

Hi Iz, Pergh bertuah sungguh kamu dapat meluangkan masa bersama Anggun. Yerp it nice to read your blog. Baru dpt time nak baca semua wei. Will keep on supporting u my fren. Take care and keep in touch.

imborntosing said...

MOE: I am crazy over Anggun... can't u see how excited I look in my Anggun photos?

DON: Mmg best bila dapat jumpa your idol... i dulu nampak jauh je skrg nampak dekat and boleh lepak lagi! Who is ur idol?

RYNNA: MMG bertuah!!! TQ

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