Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gareth Pugh + Matthew Stone UK | UTUSAN’s Pencarian Kacak Bergaya | Next Public Performance: The Curve Fashion Week 2009, Sunday May 17th

It was only last weekend that I went to the Malay version of CLEO Bachelor, UTUSAN’s Pencarian Kacak Bergaya Finals (No no, I am not one of the contestants LOL, Not Kacak & Bergaya enough) held at Saloma Bistro on Pancaindera’s invitation (Thank U Pancaindera!). Had the chance to meet up with HUZZ (a writer I really admire), Sarah Raisuddin, Bob, Shila, Raja Azmi, Dior (I’m not joking his name really is Dior!), Azmira plus many others. Don’t ask me who was the winner. I have no idea… hehehe. My mind was elsewhere.
[Shila & IZ]
[Siti Sarah Raisuddin, Azmira, Dior, Kenji & IZ]

But my weekend highlight was none other than witnessing Gareth Pugh + his bud, Matthew Stone's appearance as guest DJs @ Zouk last Saturday. The two literally walked in front of me on their way to the turntable decks with their posse! I am not a clubber, as you all well know. First, I don’t even smoke (Smoking is so very uncool these days, kids, if you’re thinking of trying DON’t start. Show me a healthy looking smoker if you know one Pleasezz?) & I always try to avoid being around people who smokes or even go to smoky places such as Zouk… hahaha… (I know. I’m anal) But when I learnt that Gareth Pugh was going to be at Zouk, I couldn’t just give that opportunity a miss… Thanks to (Molly) Zouk for including me on their supertight guest list.There’s a reason why I love Gareth Pugh so much. I completely adore the clothes he designs. They are very very unique works of art & has that futuristic, edgy feel to it. It might not be your cup of tea… & it is really out there. I also find his steadfast rise to be absolutely positive & inspirational. How he struggled to get to where he is now. Only until recently, he was still a poor young man. Many adores his designs but many also doubt about its commercial appeal. Nevertheless, many artistes have started to wear his designs such as Beyonce & Kylie Minogue (He designed Kylie's stage outfits for her last tour). That my friend is what you call, PERSEVERANCE. There are rumors going around that LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy - a luxury goods conglomerate) will be replacing Kris Van Ashe with Gareth Pugh to design for Dior Homme! I hope this will come true. I'm a hardcore Dior Homme fan. I never really liked Dior Homme during Kris Van Ashe reign as their designer (Which is why I stopped purchasing it). I don’t think he is doing a good job after he took over from Hedi Slimane, whose designs I absolutely love! ZOMG I am so excited. Enough about this fashion talk… Check out Gareth Pugh’s clothes to find out what I am talking about. :-) (His friend Matthew Stone always DJs for his shows FYI) Oh! He closed the DJ set with my fav Xmas song, All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey... ROFL :-)

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If you missed my opening performance for Fashion On 1 @ OU last month, fret not. Checkout my next performance @ The Curve Fashion Week this coming Sunday, May 17TH [I'll confirm the time soon!!!]


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