Friday, May 8, 2009

PoA (People Of Asia) | Calvin Klein Launch @ KLCC | IDAN The fashion Photographer | Meeting Yasmin Ahmad 6 years ago | Have You Voted?

The kind people at PoA invited me to checkout their store last week but I only had the time to visit the store yesterday afternoon at PAVILLION with my manager. It’s been awhile since I went there. People of Asia or PoA is a Singaporean clothing company offering male/female clothing lines designed by Singaporean & Korean designers. All the designs are slim cut (which means it’ll fit me) & they offer an amazing range of looks available in basic colours (+ bow ties, shoes, belts). Price? Super affordable. Noice Proice!
[Vest + Hooded Top from PoA]
The look & feel of the store is very Japonaise I thought. So yeah, I made my pick & wore it to a Calvin Klein fashion event @ KLCC last night. I wore this grey vest over a hooded white top (all from PoA) paired with my Claude Maus harem pants & my white Calvin Klein sneakers (Gotta show support to the organisers man :-p) to give the whole look a more casual feel. Many thanks to PoA for sponsoring my outfit yesterday :-)
A bit on Idan: IDAN is a young & talented upcoming Malaysian photographer who hasn’t even finished college yet but has been lucky enough to have worked with Malaysia’s top fashion models such as Tengku Azura. It is clear from his portfolio that fashion photography is his main passion but I reckon he photographs other objects equally well too. Check out his works HERE. He was kind enough to photograph me & post me these shots at the Calvin Klein event last night. Thanks man!
I was also lucky enough to finally meet Yasmin Ahmad (Malaysia’s top filmmaker) again last night. I haven’t met her for like (counting fingers) 6 years since I interned (and even acted LOL pak pacak je) on one of her Petronas TV commercials called 'Param Tricycle' with my pals, Emily Ismail, Zehan, Kamalia Musa & actor Baizura Kahar (Who won Best Female Actress for a Film in Anugerah Skrin last year in Khabir Bhatia’s SEPI. Baizura told me that she has since quit from being an actor. At least she ended her acting career with a BANG! by winning an award. So proud of her.)
[From left: A student from China, Baizura Kahar, Yasmin Ahmad, IZ (me!!!), Emily Ismail]
Anyway back to the story, Yasmin has just finished her first film called RABUN (Falling eyesight) when she agreed to let my team & I do our internship with her on a Petronas TV ad. I remembered Yasmin’s PA explaining to us that Yasmin is a very busy person & that she could only spend 30minutes max for our initial meeting. We were young & anxious but Yasmin was so kind & accommodating that she ended up spending 2 hours with us instead (probably she enjoy spending time with us smart talented kids so much! LoL). Yasmin were kind enough to share RABUN with us at her Leo Burnett office. I remembered how we felt lucky to be the first few to see the movie before it was released to the masses. I even remembered sharing a duet of ‘The Prayer’ LOL with Yasmin underneath a kampung house in Sekinchan during production break of the Petronas TV commercial. It was heaps of fun. Now Yasmin Ahmad got like more than 3 movies under her belt with the latest being TALENTIME which I thought is a brilliant movie even when many of my friends locally & abroad didn’t think so…. But again art is subjective… different people have different takes on different things & for me it is all very exciting to hear them. Oh well.

I was quite undecided as to whether I want to put old photos of myself or not but what the hell… here you go! Go on! Laugh! Hahahahahahhahahahha
[Clockwise: Yasmin's Leo Burnett Office/ Preproduction meeting with the director, Kamal/ Emily Ismail & I/ Baizura Kahar, Emily Ismail & I. I got a part as someone injured. LOL. I even had fake bruises painted on me! So cool]
[Miller, one of the actors in the TVC. Miller had a small part in SEPET where he had a fight with Amani in one scene when she angrily kicked a ball towards him. Miller is now a well-known actor in Indonesia. I found out about this when I met up with his previous Indonesian manager during my Jakarta trip last February 2009]
[You can see Yasmin Ahmad busy texting... BUT if you look carefully in the center you can see me, the boy who's filming the whole preproduction meeting 6 years ago... hehehe!]

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