Wednesday, May 6, 2009

VOTE/UNDI IZ OIAM for MISI MENCARI PEREKA POPULAR Berita Harian | KOSMO! Newspaper Article | GUA Muzik article

[Photo courtesy of GUA Muzik - IZ, Farah Asyikin, Stacy & Dato' Siti Nurhaliza]
How're you guys doin'? Check out what the GUA fashion team thought of what the celebs were wearing during the ABPBH08/09 red carpet in Genting just by clicking the link above to see if you agree with them or not. Don't forget to also VOTE for me, for MISI MENCARI PEREKA POPULAR simply by SMSing your VOTES.

HOW TO VOTE?/UNDI? (closing date: May 31st)
1st) Register with RAKAN BH. Type BH [space] DAFTAR [space] Nama [space] Nombor IC send to 32728
2nd) VOTE by typing: BH [space] ABP [space] 47 [space] RAFFLESIA & send to 32728

VOTE AS MANY AS U CAN OK? Many thanks guys :-)’

Here's another recent article of mine from KOSMO! out a few days ago [CLICK HERE TO READ]


Anonymous said...

I will vote!

Anonymous said...

I have voted for you too handsome!

Sue Ann