Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Opening Performance for HairKunst hairshow @ The Curve Fashion Week 2009 | Bambang Soteto | Siti Sarah Raisuddin & Bob AF | Hairdreams

Checkout the YouTube video of my performance below

I like to thank those who saw my opening performance last Sunday @ The Curve Fashion Week 2009 closing party. Thanks guys! To those who can’t make it no worries! I got all your messages on my Myspace, Facebook, Friendster & ChannelV Amp. I had heaps of fun performing with Sarah Raisuddin & Bob. They were fantastic as usual. I felt so happy when I got invited to open & perform for my hair sponsor, HairKunst who helped me maintain this ‘Durian-tajam2-it-can-hurt-ya!’ hairstyle that I got now in KL for the past year. I also had this really expensive blue hair extensions from Europe called Hairdreams, attached to the back of my head for the show. No-No! I am not having it on as my new permanent hairstyle LOL! The very well known Bambang Soteto, owner of HairKunst (also Bachelor #4 on this year’s Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors) is the guy responsible for cutting, trimming and cleaning my hair whenever I need it. I have not met any hairdresser in KL who could exactly give what I want or how I want it, unlike Bambang. Bambang have heaps of experience as a hairdresser whilst living and working in Europe for so many years. I forgot what HairKunst actually means but I was told that it is German. Oh! He did all the AF kids hair too!

[Backstage b4 the show]
Bambang told me in the past that many have asked him for my hairstyle & it actually made me feel a tad bit embarrassed when I got to know about it. I thought it was hilarious to imagine people would actually bring my photo to their hairdresser to get a hairdo like mine LOL. I mean, why would anyone in his or her right mind thought my hairstyle is attractive? Har har har! Check out HairKunst. An interesting anecdote: My minus one skipped towards the end of the song when I had to do a long note, which forced me to elongate that long note with not much breath left! Luckily nobody really noticed it :-p Phew! Only my manager & my songwriting partner, AJ Pop Shuvit and now YOU GUYS!

Last but not least, do not forget to VOTE! The closing date is nearing its end! Voting details below:
1st) Register with RAKAN BH. Type BH [space] DAFTAR [space] Nama [space] Nombor IC send to 32728
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sue said said...

ko selalu buat show ek, bagusla.. aku ingat lagi dulu, ko selalu nyanyi kat class. ko penah bagi aku dengar lagu yg ko record kat studio, sedap cam original singer :D

imborntosing said...

hahahahah lawak la ko shue!!! aku mmg suka nyanyi dah lama gilo!!!