Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can't wait to sail on SIDIQI | Miss Malaysia Universe Auction Party Performance @ Metropol Club | An Intimate Soiree by KAPAS Couture

Wow. Lama gile I x update kan?
I haven’t vanished from the surface of the earth yet OK? Still here! It’s just that currently I’m facing many life issues, been working on new tracks + doing a couple of other things which really limits my time to update this blog. If any of you noticed, I would always get my Twitter status updated no matter how busy. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER. Have you ever been so busy or too caught up with work that you unknowingly starting to alienate your own family/friends? Well, that’s what happened to me. I’ve been trying to make up for ‘lost time’ with people whom actually matters to me plus catch up with friends I haven’t seen for awhile. Only recently, I’ve realised that dealing with incompetent people, skeptics & opportunists could take so much out of you… phew… it is not even funny people. I rather save my energy & time for something else, like planning a vacation for example. I am trying to find time to learn how to sail. Yep… IZ here wants to try out at being a sailor boy! Hehe.
Isn’t she beautiful? I am looking forward to sail on SIDIQI. It means ‘Friendship’ in Arabic. I can’t wait to be away from all the technology around me, and escape to the middle of the ocean where I could spend my nights looking at the stars and counting them to sleep. The first time in my life I really get to see a sky full of blinking stars was way back in 2004 on The Great Ocean Road. The last time I saw a blanket of stars was in ‘Tassie’ or Tasmania where I had the opportunity to even catch the Milky Way. It really was a magical sight. The stars looked as if I could pluck them off the skies myself. Truly a sight to behold. Sigh.
Last week, I was invited to perform at Miss Malaysia Universe 2008/09 auction party held at Metropol Club in KL. It was organised by Ms. Levy Li, the beautiful Miss Malaysia Universe 2008 the night before the pageant council announced their new 2009 queen. A dear friend of mine by the name of Cassandra Patrick is the 1st runner up for this year’s pageant & I’m so happy for her. Don’t give up yeah? This is just the beginning for you Cassie.
Also went to a very intimate & private soiree organised by Mr Kem Salleh of KAPAS Couture at his house where I met & hung out with Noryn Aziz, Syafinaz, Natasya Hudson plus others. Check out the food! LOL
It was good fun and the food was nyummo! I was asked to sing a song & I chose to sing Lullaby Birdland, which is a really fun simple song to sing. The party got really hilarious when Syafinaz chose to sing Time To Say Goodbye when the party was just getting started! LOL. Her singing as always was superb. Check the photos below.[Photos courtesy of Sam Kassim]

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