Friday, June 12, 2009

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I've been enjoying my time relaxing at home more than going to events these days. I mean, you see the same faces everytime & there isn't much to talk about anymore really. I am trying to take better care of myself now. Exercise-sleep-exercise-eat. Popping heaps of junk food sometimes HeHe... well sometimes you gotta cheat! Put together a new plan/strategy for my career after much reflection on what I’ve done in the past 11 months in the local scene. I've been writing a lot... crap or not time will tell hehe. Met up with Najwa who was featured on Malique’s Ku Yang Punya for a possible collabo last week... so I'm looking forward to that one. I've been reading a lot too. Been thinking a lot on how I could better myself as a performer.
Been listening to heaps of new music. Currently I’m loving Boom Boom Pow by BEP, Been Waiting + Burn + Running Ft Florida by Jessica Mauboy (She is half Indonesian half Aborigin Aussie) & the new Brandy album. Really enjoyed Xmen: Wolverine, Night At The Museum 2, Yasmin Ahmad’s Talentime, Mist, 17 Again although Star Trek didn’t do much for me… yawned all the way through. It’s also mandatory for me to order a large salted popcorn whenever I go to the movies Nyummm! coz I’m quite the pig :-p
Went to Chic Pop: Samsung Ultra Touch! Event at The Apartment, KLCC last night. Saw many familiar faces. Well KL isn’t that big anyways. The theme was Black with a touch of Red.
So I wore this top that I bought when I was 13 years old & it still fits! It's a kiddie brand called FREEGO I got from Metrojaya. I'm not sure if the brand still exists. I saw PRADA did this tie dye thingy from their clothes to their bags to their shoes not too long ago :-p
Ayu OIAM2 & I will appear on MANGGA but I don’t know which issue it’ll be. Many have said that it is Malaysia’s no. 1 entertainment magazine even kat Singapore pun Majalah Mangga ni popular tau? Ha, jangan main2. So jangan lupa carik Majalah Mangga sebab IZ & Ayu ada bergambar bersama. IZ pernah masuk majalah ni 2 kali sebelum ni… krew2 Mangga mmg cool gile. Nak tau apa projek terbaru IZ, haaa… kene la baca kat dalam Mangga. IZ tak tulis semua info kat blog ni :-)
Last but not least, I like to thank you all for your birthday wishes... Really appreciate it! :-) I am officially one. Ha-ha
Looking forward to my writing session with AJ Pop Shuvit this coming Sunday. I’m very excited, as I’ve completed the lyrics today. I will also be doing CUCI The Musical workshop next week. I’m expecting to see the directors, bookwriter & musical director there… looking forward to that one too. Enjoy your weekend! OH! Purchase details of my EP is on the right side of this page. TQ!

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