Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thank U 4 the Birthday gifts guys! | Word of the day: NORMAL

Today, I was thinking to myself... How can the word


exist in the same universe, in the same world as


P/s: Thank you to Marcus & June for the birthday gifts! Received the parcel last Friday. Marcus, lovin' BURBERRY The Beat (You saw my performance on Youtube? Yep had to take it down) & June, I can't wait for you to send me the new CK Free Men
once its out. Promise yeah? I still keep my CK One at my Melbourne apartment. Thanks to Micky who bought me Jessica Mauboy on iTunes... It's my current jam! Gloup, thanks for the Open Heart CD!

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miesmoshe said...

it is normal to find the individuality in oneself. each one of us is unique. finding our uniqueness is a normality of a human being.