Sunday, June 28, 2009

IZ MOHON MAAF (IZ says sorry) | IMRAN AJMAINs Music Video Shoot: Behind-The-Scenes

How is everybody doing? Hope this long overdue post finds you well.
If any of you missed my GUA article entitled IZ MOHON MAAF (IZ says sorry) last week, click HERE for the full story. Many thanks to Khairie from Singapore for the heads up! If you guys have any questions, just ask me here & I will try answer it to the best of my ability K?
Let me share with you guys an interesting anecdote from last week. I was invited to make a cameo appearance in a 50s inspired music video by the very talented & popular Malay singer-songwriter from Singapore, Imran Ajmain (I love your song bro!). I had to spend 12 hours (from 8PM till around 6AM) on the video shoot, which took place at Carcosa Seri Negara, KL. The photos below pretty much explain the whole 50s look.
Thanks to Bambang Soteto from Hairkunst ( for my 50’s hairdo! & Reen for arranging everything. Az, TQ for your time tooo!
What do YOU think of the 50s hair?? Be honest! Does it suit me?


muizdsai said...

The old folks will definately think tht u are old now since u look so dulu, but not ancient, tht pic.

crescent said...

hahaha...the hair???so not iz...