Thursday, June 18, 2009

Announcing ma Twitter's Nu Look! Thoughts? | Behind-The Scenes: Melbourne photoshoot on Flickr

C-Ch-Check-check it out! Gave my Twitter page a nu look since I am spending more time now on Twitter. Any thoughts?
CLICK HERE to "follow" me on Twitter now :-p

P/S: Also,
Take a look at the Behind-The-Scenes shots of the photoshoot I did in Melbourne with Tashkah from Tashkah Studios last March HERE on Flickr. Big thanks to Tashkah for sponsoring the photoshoot also the makeup artist! Got the link on my Facebook Fanpage last night from the assisstant photographer. TQ again guys! Lets do another one!

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Moe Nasrul said...

Love the new look on twitter :D You look so rock emo in the photoshoot... thats my style! just kidding lol :D