Friday, July 10, 2009

As promised...Photos From Rafflesia+ABP 08/09 Award Ceremony | SEVENDAYS

Hi! Again, I am so sorry I could not find the time to update my blog more often these days. So many things to blog about BUT so little time to blog as well! Haha. Now you must be wondering if this is my new hair colour? Well it is not. I only had it for a day. Then why the hair colour you may ask? Hehe. Stay tuned. There is a really cool story behind it. Hehe. I'll blog & "story story" about that in a later post K?
Here with a friend of mine, Rozana of SEVENDAYS who sponsors some of the clothes you see me wearing in magazines. They're in Telawi 3, Bangsar & offers very affordable womenswear + menswear.
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Below are the photos I promised you guys.

Thank you Rafflesia & Anugerah Bintang Popular 08/09!!!
The Most Glamorous Male Award prize worth 10K from Rafflesia... not bad eh? Pearl ni akan menjadi hantaran gwe.
I like this photo.
With Winnie, the owner of Rafflesia
...were talking about my current projects...
I was the first prize winner to go on stage... so malu masa ni
With Alyah, my current crush... Hahaha :-p
All prize winners on stage.
Me, Rosyam Nor, Maya Karin, Nabil, Kak Cham, Dynas, Winnie, Stacy, Norkhiriah & a band member from Meet Uncle Hussein.

For more photos with Ayu, Jaclyn Victor, Maya Karin etc. CLICK HERE Lagi Gambar DI SINI

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