Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm still nooooked!

I went to visit H5 after being invited by the owner, Mr. Tong (He rather have me call him Tong but whatever. I think Tong deserves a [Mr.] right b4 it LOL) yesterday. He sent me a text a couple of days earlier asking me what was my favorite colour so to cut the story short, I went to the H5 store in Bangsar & picked up a couple! Hehe... What’s more interesting was that minutes after I tweeted my latest acquisition, the creative director/ product designer/ brand person/ Founder of Nooka, Matthew Waldman tweeted me back! So yeah… Malaysians can now enjoy a piece of Pop Art kan kan kan? Yaye!

What do you think of this one?
In this picture, I was posing with one of Tong’s expensive
Art Toy Collectables. When told about its price,
I almost dropped it! Seriously... Pheww...

...Or This? You reckon it's drool worthy?
FINALLY I saw ‘The One’ .

My Nu Nooka watch is simple, subtle, so understated yet oh so futuristic... I’m totally Nooked! Nooka is a design object, it has it’s own unique way of telling the time… it’s actually more fun to show it to you guys then having to explain it here. If you’re interested, go visit H5, Bangsar Village 2 tomorrow & tell them IZ sent you K? Get yourselves 'Nooked'!!! H5 Facebook Page

Found this on the Internet:
Nooka is the ancient Amararunkthuh word meaning "Future Is Now". Me thinks wow.

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hamster me said...

i like ur hair. so cool! and btw u looks really cute. i did watch OIAM, but never notice u were there. =)