Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm OFFICIALLY signed as TOSHIBA's Celebrity Friend For TOSHIBA PORTÉGÉ M900 | MOVIE wit me? Tengok Wayang WITH IZ (Friday, 9:50PM, 23rd October 09')

Got some free time I can put to use to get this blog updated today. Many apologies guys! I know it’s been Hella long! How long has it been since my last post??? (Yikes!) In case u did come visit my blog during my ‘hiatus’ hehe, Hope you did notice that I at least got my Twitter Troubles updated frequently…so there’s EFFORT OK??!?! And there’s my Facebook Fanpage (I am there all the time now!). GOSH! I have so many good news I wanna share with you, but I really do wanna 'try' keep this entry short & sweet. Oh! I also like to wish happy belated Hari Raya & Diwali (Deepavali) to everyone out there! Eventhough I know it’s kinda late. O well.

OK first up! Just recently I got signed with TOSHIBA to help them promote one of their many I.T. products, their new environmentally friendly notebook, TOSHIBA PORTÉGÉ M900. I’ve been using it ever since I got it! TOSHIBA gave me the option of choosing my favorite colour (They have 4 colour options available) and I chose RED!!! What do you think? I will soon be doing many photoshoots for TOSHIBA & I promise you’ll see me more out there spreading the word on their latest TOSHIBA PORTÉGÉ M900. Will write more on that in later posts yeah?

Since BEYONCE I "effing" AM Tour got postponed (The ticket I got is so dear!), I thought I wanna do something fun this week to replace my feeling of dissapointment. My management & I thought it’d be fantastic if we organise a movie night! WITH YOU! After a series of discussion on my Facebook Fanpage... we've decided to catch PAPADOM! So if u nak tengok PAPADOM with me, details are as below:Movie: PAPADOM
Mula/Start: 09:50 PM
Haribulan/ Date: Jumaat/ Friday, 23rd Oktober 2009
Jumpa/ Meet Up: 8PM, GSC PAVILION KL, KUALA LUMPUR (to get tickets)

Kalau Berminat/ If Interested:
Email SEKARANG with Nama/Name & Nombor Phone/Number. My PA will call you to confirm yeah?

In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to during my blogging absence, do check the links I’ve provided below, so you know I have not been LAZY but BUSY!!!


News Straits Times
(TQ Mel):
Inspired By 1MALAYSIA Campaign

Harian Metro (Terima kasih kepada Sakini):
IZ Tidak Merajuk (TQ Budiey!)
click IZ OIAM2 Duta Produk Toshiba & Jam Tangan Nooka H5

click Eksklusif: Perlantikan IZ OIAM2 IKON & Jurucakap Kempen Kesedaran Internet

click Kad Raya IZ OIAM Yang Klasik

Will update you on my other appearances later! But please do check out my Facebook Fanpage K??? See you at the movies this Friday October 23rd!!! More soon!

P/s: I am missing my camera and printer. Sent them for repair and will probably get it within one week hopefully!


Zala Wajik said...


Semoga makin murah rezeki..

Hulur-hulurlah ke sini kalau ada lebih..

hahahaha XD

mohamad 'may' yawmon said...

beb, congrate! da banyak peluang yang datang sekarang ni! ambil peluang tu n gunakannya sebaik mungkin tau! rezeki tak datang bergolek.

then, memang agak lama lah juga nak menunggu u post kan entry baru. but, we all know dat u busy. so, dont worry! i all akan get ur latest news from othe source selain blog.

may god bless u beb!

imborntosing said...

Assalamualaikum Zala Wajik & Mohamad 'May' Yawmon!!!

Apa khabar? Thanks for supporting me all this while. IZ mmg grateful IZ makin banyak dapat peluang dalam industri yg sangat mencabar ni. Tapi ianya membuatkan IZ lebih cekal dan tak sabar untuk menghasilkan lagu2 yg best! No worries, I am currently recording new music. Sabar tau? Good things come to those who wait :-)

Korang nak tengok movie PAPADOM ngan IZ tak esok kat PAvilion?

Mula/Start: 09:50 PM
Haribulan/ Date: Jumaat/ Friday, 23 Oktober 2009
Jumpa/ Meet Up: 8PM, GSC PAVILION KL, KUALA LUMPUR (Utk beli tiket dulu nanti habis!)

Kalau Berminat/ If Interested:
Email SEKARANG with Nama/Name & Nombor Phone/Number.

Lepas kita beli ticket sama-sama, we can lepak-lepak sebelum masuk wayang. Amacam?
C u guys at Pavilion JUMAAT ni!


mohamad 'may' yawmon said...

alaa beb! sorry sangat sebab tak dapat nak join tengok wayang sama2 dengan u! kalau boleh, memang nak sangat2 sebab i dah lama gila tak tengok movie tapi malangnya malam ni (23rd oct) i ada cinephoto exhibition. I'm event manager so tak ley nak tinggalkan event tu. waa! ='0
if ada peluang len kali, kita g lagi kay? =)