Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year & Much Love from Incredible INDIA!

Hello guys! Many apologies for my absence. I just got back from Chennai (Tamil Nadu) last night & now back in Bangalore. I had the craziest couple of months and I simply didn’t have the time to blog for quite sometime, but if you’ve been following my tweets (www.twitter.com/IZ0IAM2) or been visiting my Facebook Fanpage, you know what I’ve been up to.

I am hoping that 2010 will be a much better year for all of us! Want you guys to know that I am so very happy & grateful that my music has brought me to places I have never thought of going… It brought me to INDIA! Yep! The people here are so friendly & the ambience here is just so warm and welcoming. I have no complains so far! And I will write more! Promise. Sending lots of good vibes to all of you :-) Me with Rubia Braun & Kranthi D.,
the team from MetroBrava who brought me to INDIA for my pre-publicity tour.
... and to my new Indian fans, Namaste & Thank you for your support & the opportunity. You guys have been great! I will be here in Bangalore until January 7th but I'll be back in March 2010 for a bigger concert near your city :-) So watch this space OK?! Much love. Oh! Get your eyes & ears ready as I'll be on Chennai Live Fm, SS Music Channel [Most sought after channel among youths in Southern India], Times of India [The most read English daily in India] & The Hindu.

P/s: I'm so excited about my first blog post for 2010 because it is my first blog post using my brand new TOSHIBA PORTÉGÉ M900 & I'm still learning how to use it! I am also currently addicted to this new Facebook game called Tokyo Time Warp, seriously you guys gotta check it out here http://www.tokyotimewarp.com

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