Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LIVE phone Interview with Melbourne's JoyFM | A.L.O.N.E is #5! | Checkout Voize.my, Majalah EH! & AugustMan NOW!

What's up? Hope this post finds you well :-)

I had a phone interview today with the lovely DJ Jase from Melbourne’s JoyFM 94.9 during its 2-hour ‘Drive’ show (3-5PM everyday) & they chose to play A.L.O.N.E & Gonna Be Alright Club Mix Feat. C. Loco. I’m hoping either one of the tracks will end up JOY’s regular playlist. I was asked a couple of questions regarding my time living in Melbourne plus plans with my upcoming album, GEMINI, which as I’ve told you guys many times before, has no definite release date yet. I will post the interview up here for you guys once I get a copy from the kind ppl at JoyFM ok? I promise.

More good news! A.L.O.N.E has reached No. 5 on Hitz.FM’s Malaysian English Top 10 chart show in just 5 weeks! Thanks to all of you who voted! Keep voting & help me make it No.1! Demand IT on your favorite local radio stations yeah! TQ TQ TQ!

VOTE HERE http://www.hitz.fm/charts/met10/default.asp IT's FREE

Also thank you so much to Voize.my for this cool interview by Charlene Joseph. Read it HERE ‘ IZ Does Malaysia Proud ’

I had heaps of fun doing some shows over the weekend including my recent performance at the Grand ReLaunch of Celebrity Fitness in MidValley. Here I am with CC of 8TV's So You Think You Can Dance wearing my Maison Martin Margiela glasses. Don't call me cyclops! LOL

Before I sign off, don’t forget to grab the April 2010 Issue of EH! & AugustMan out now at news stands near ya!

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Rinie said...

cool shades u have there is, looking forward to hear the interview with joy.

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