Thursday, April 15, 2010

The 'DREAM'. Are you reaching for yours? | WCOPA - I WON! | AVIMA 2010 - VOTE for Gonna Be Alright Club Mix | A.L.O.N.E drops! Let's make it No. 1!

Anyone can dream BUT not everyone has the drive. I totally agree with this. How many of us are directly or indirectly actually working towards our dreams? I’m sure there aren’t many. For a lot of people, their dreams are good enough reason for their living no matter whether they will struggle to reach it or it will JUST remain A dream. Personally, I believe that dreams are there to motivate you, to pull you through life.

Red carpet photo courtesy of of me wearing head to toe in Amir Luqman (Including shoes) at the recent Anugerah Bintang Popular 2009/10 held at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highland. The outfit is inspired by the Malaysian flag, Jalur Gemilang to promote the One Malaysia spirit.

My cousin, Moe Nasrul said something similar but this is how he puts it, “Everyone wants to be a rockstar but no one wants to work for it”. I laughed at this but I totally agree with what he said. Lately, I myself am amazed at the number of people I’ve met who prefers to settle for mediocrity rather than strive for bigger things. WHY? “…because it’s easy”, Moe said & it did make perfect sense to me. In the past, some have said I am wasting my time trying to reach for the impossible, that I’m being unrealistic & out of touch with my surroundings. REALLY?? It is really surprising/upsetting sometimes when the people you are close to for example a family member or a close friend could say things that are so counter productive. So what do you do? Ditch them & restart? I may not know everything but what I want to achieve is greatness & with that comes the struggle, & you need to have the strength to work hard for everything there is that you want for yourself. Do I have the strength to struggle? I BELIEVE SO. Again, IT IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY. I noticed that it is also not easy to find people who are on the same page with you to work with or people who share the same vision as you especially when they are the types who get too comfortable with their own surroundings. These types also loves to revel in their past successes & I don’t blame them should they feel very comfortable in their own cocoon because that is what they are. I noticed these types usually lead mediocre lives too and I find them always talking about the ‘What If’s’ without actually making anything happen. Don’t get me wrong guys, it is totally OK to lead a mediocre living which is a choice one makes BUT NOPE, I AM NOT ONE OF THEM. So the question prevails… How many of us are actually directly or indirectly working towards our dreams today? And how do you define your success? Is it defined by you or Others?

WCOPA (World Championship of Performing Arts) - I WON!I couldn’t wait to update this blog as soon as I got back from my appearance yesterday on TV3’s Wanita Hari Ini where I also previewed my new song “ JAUH “. So yes, my life in the past 2 weeks has been full of many highs & lows like any other normal person. Many of you might be aware by now that I’ve won Best Male Vocals at the finals of WCOPA (World Championship of Performing Arts) held at Istana Budaya recently. It is an achievement in itself to have the opportunity to perform at Istana Budaya, a world class venue of international standard & quality plus with acoustics to die for! Other talented vocalists who got through are Shila OIAM & 14-year-old Cheryl Koh. All three of us (Including winners from other categories) will be representing Malaysia in Hollywood, LA next July. I am very happy but also pressured to perform well overseas because the weight of the responsibility this whole thing entails. Don’t get me wrong; I am extremely grateful that my passion for music has brought me and/or my music to many places like Australia, India, London, Singapore, Spain and next to the US. It’s unbelievable isn’t it? I think it is, especially considering I am barely 2 years doing this.

It is also such a pleasant surprise when I found out that one of my songs, Gonna Be Alright Club Mix Feat. C. Loco, which is being synchronized for the Indian-produced movie, The Successor, is nominated in the BEST COLLABORATION category for this year’s AVIMA 2010. It is such an honour to be up against many talented local & international acts in that category. Voting ends on April 23rd so if you’re reading this pls vote now! TQ!

Also don’t forget to find my interview with JC from Galaxie Magazine out today! Thursday April 15th 2010. I am also invited to be the guest on TraxxFM’s Traxxbeats tonight with Priscilla da Killa, Fabian & Naj! Don’t forget to tune in tonight on KL / SELANGOR / WEST PAHANG 90.3 / 100.1/ SOUTH SELANGOR 88.7 or listen to it online at Call 03 2282 5491 or 2282 4746 if you wanna talk to me!

And lastly, Ouch!! My song A.L.O.N.E dropped from its No. 4 Spot to No. 6 and I really need anyone of you who is reading this now to help it climb it’s way up to No. 1. EASY, just click & VOTE A.L.O.N.E now on the Malaysian English Top 10 chart. Just one of your votes makes all the difference! I can’t thank you enough guys! Till then, hugs! And make your dreams happen today! Make it happen baby!

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