Saturday, April 17, 2010

IZ: Recent Australian Phone Interview with SBS Radio Australia & JOY. Listen to it now! | WCOPA Performance Video. Watch now!

As promised, you can now listen to my recent radio interviews with two Australian radio stations,
SBS Radio & JOY. A.L.O.N.E & Gonna Be Alright Club Mix was played on JOY & on it's current rotation, whilst SBS Radio have played Bersama Together Ft Nora Danish in the past & currently they are also playing A.L.O.N.E. Also found out from India that IndigoFM India is currently playing A.L.O.N.E on their station as well. Will upload more copies of my radio interviews once I get them including my interview on Hitz.FM with Moots & Jakeman on Hitz.FMs Malaysian English Top 10 just for you my loyal readers.

Phone interview with Jase Gipps
for The Drive Show on JOY

Phone interview with Jamaica De La Cruz
for The Asian Pop Show on SBS Radio Australia

DON'T FORGET TO VOTE for A.L.O.N.E (Click Here) on the Malaysian English Top10 & also Please Vote for Gonna Be Alright Club Mix Feat. C. Loco (Click Here) nominated in the BEST COLLABORATION category in this year's 2010 AVIMA. TQ!

P/s: Just for you guys, here is the performance that is going to take me to Hollywood, LA next July to compete with other talented vocalists from all over the world. Wish me luck! Don't forget to give me a shoutout here -----> yeah?!


mohamad 'may' yawmon said...

wow! makin lama makin banyak yang you dah wat. semakin hari, semakin letop. wish u luck iz!

imborntosing said...

Thank you so much!!!!
Keeep coming and spread the word about this blog yeah???

Anonymous said...

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maxcon said...

nice phone interview..keep up the good work to your success.

Anonymous said...

OHH! I'm famous I am on IZ's website! LOL.
Thanks again for the interview IZ.. it was lots of fun. Keep in touch when you have news you want to share on JOY! Jase Gipps :)