Sunday, May 2, 2010

IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE! Lets partay :o

…Kini Ku Mampu Melontar Mu Jauh!!!!... That’s the chorus from my new fun & happy Malay single called JAUH. Debuted my track just 12 days ago on TV3’s Malaysia Hari Ini with my backing band, Xamido which was a first for me. Hope to get the tape soon so I could upload the performance video just for you guys. Can’t wait to find out what you think. Sabar OK?More photos HERE.
Anyway! What’s up with you! Yes you! Whoever you are reading this now, hope you are doing well :-) I am in a celebratory mode at the moment. WHY? There are so many things I feel I need to celebrate. Certain people have reminded me that I can be pretty tough on myself & that I should celebrate & enjoy the things I have achieved, & some said I can be ungrateful sometimes ha-ha. I may be a perfectionist but I honestly feel I am still struggling my way up, which is why I never really paid any attention to those things people around me call an ACHIEVEMENT. Ok, time’s up!

Here is my Golden Ticket to Hollywood, LA. I will try my best at the World Championship of Performing Arts, which will be held next July 2010 stateside. We’ll see how that goes!

First up! (This is just in!), my song Gonna Be Alright Club Mix Feat. C.Loco’ won 3rd place in the BEST COLLABORATION category for this years 2010 AVIMA (Asia Pacific VOICE Independent Music Awards)! Not bad eh? This year have been a pretty amazing year for me so far. That same song is featured on the Indian-produced movie premiering soon called THE SUCCESSOR: Private & Confidential which took me to India earlier this year, & now to get this award despite finishing 3rd, is just another icing on the cake for me personally. I want to thank my hugely talented collaborator, C. Loco for the opportunity and I want to express my deepest gratitude to those of YOU anywhere you are, who have voted, enjoyed & supported the song, & all of the global AVIMA 2010 judges, & lastly to Mr Siva Zaphod Chandran of who started this fantastic platform especially for struggling independent artistes like me so that we could be heard. BIG THANK YOU & HUGS TO ALL OF YOU :-) Will be posting a Thank You video soon as requested by Mr Siva :p

Secondly, I have just received a copy of my new tracks freshly mastered by US-based Bob Olhsson & I have been playing it on loop. Wow! Seriously guys, TIS IS DA-SHIT! (I never use that before LOL) I can’t wait to release these babies for you guys to experience it yourself. I reckon it sounds incredible… But have to sabar first as I have a couple more songs to record before GEMINI is completed. Wish me luck K?!

Here is something fun, EH! Nominated me in their Selebriti Lelaki Paling Bergaya category (Translation: Most Stylish Male Celebrity) & as you can see below, I am up against really tough competition which is a huge honor for me.

After all, I’m still ‘That small fish in the big pond’ (For now). You know what to do! VISIT HERE TO VOTE ME at: There are some really nice prizes offered, so better get to it NOW!

I was also recently appointed as the Official Ambassador for ASAP, an anti-smoking campaign launched by Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, Datuk Wee Jeck Seng at Putrajaya.Visit ASAP

Before I go, Please Don’t FORGET to VOTE for my song A.L.O.N.E on HITZ.FM’s Malaysian English Top 10 at Stay tuned for many more exciting news coming up soon. Stay well & many thanks! LOVE, IZ

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